The Curious Case of Joseph Burris II


Ecclesiasticus, 7

1. Do no evil and evil will not take hold of you.
2. Keep away from wrongdoing and it will leave you alone.
3. Son, do not sow in the furrows of injustice for fear of reaping its harvest sevenfold.

The Curious Case of Joseph Burris 96, who felt for the Chinese Tales and False Pretences
of Mr Juan Vicente Núñez Álvarez 97

- Suspension Letter of Joseph Burris 96

- Suspension Process of Joseph Burris 96

OJO: El caso de un encauto que cayo en el Cuento Chino de Juan Vicente Núñez Álvarez

- El caso de Joseph Burris en America del Norte

The Curious Case of Brother Armando Molina from Guatemala
who received patent Charters and Degrees from Juan Vicente Nunez and Joseph Burris

The only problem is that Brother Armando Molina does not exist so to prove the point of the lack of seriousness and the
Fraud that both Mr Juan Nunez and Joseph Burris are committing along their Partners and Associates.





De: Joseph Burris II <>
Para: Armando Molina <>
Enviado: Jueves 12 de abril de 2012 18:41

Dear Brother:

is it possible for the Grand Officers of the Sovereign Sanctuary of
the USA to receive Associate Member from your Sovereign Sanctuary for
our History:

Joseph Burris II 33*, 90*, 95*, 96*
Joe Villanueva 33*, 90*, 95*
David Corderu Bey 33*, 90*, 95*
Antonio Villanueva 33*, 90*, 95*
Willie Jennings 33*, 90*, 95*
Sean Joseph Wilmore 33*, 90*, 95*
Bartt Barnes Sr. 33*, 90*, 95*
Dana Simmons 33*, 90*, 95*
Charles Bell 33*, 90*, 95*
Clifton Moore 33*, 90*, 95*
Oswald Phillips 33*, 90*, 95*

PLEASE if you could Dear Brother. This would mean alot to us here in the USA.

Fraternal Love



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