History of the Ancient and Primitive Rite



His Grace The Duke Alexandre of Cabinda
Sovereign Grand Conservator General of the 95 Degree of the Rite


Decorated with the Grand Slap- of Sirius; Order Of the Alidee; Cross Of
the Grand Commanders of the Three Legions of Knights of Masonry
Etc. ; Sovereign Grand Conservator General, A P. R. M. 95 ;
Legate of the At. I. Grand Al Master General and Sovereign
Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis to Foreign Countries;
Sovereign Grand Inspector-General 33 and Last
Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Etc.

"History, is philosophy teaching by examples."


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It is to be deeply regretted that in this enlightened period some narrow-minded people are to be found who cannot look at Masonry in a liberal light and appreciate the good the various rites do to mankind. Therefore the necessity of compiling this work-to place the Masonic Order of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of 'Memphis before the Masonic World in a proper and truthful light.

Strange,, but true, most Masonic authors are partial to some one or other special governing body of the Rite of which they are members, whose doings they extol; forgetting the fact that they are historians and that what they place on record should only be the pure and authentic history of the Rite, no matter to what governing body they may owe allegiance. . But more deplorable still is that much of the available Masonic literature has been written by individuals who were not even members of the Rite whose histories and origin they attempt to record.

Time is too valuable in the " push and hustle " of the Twentieth Century for individual members of the fraternity to make researches into the antiquity, history, and beauties of Masonry. Fearing that this valuable collective information may become forever lost and forgotten, the following summary is briefly recorded for the information of the Craft,

"Errors like straws, upon the surface flow, lie who would search for pearls, must dive below."

NEW YORK, March, 1899.


The Masonic Rite of Memphis is a religion that taught the men of the first ages to render homage to the Divinity. It has for its basis the existence of a God, as well as the immortality of the Soul. And for its object it requires the exercise of benevolence; the immortal moral derived from the study of science and art; also the practice of all the virtues. It is the bond that unites mankind; the symbol of the sweet illusions of hope, that teaches Faith in God who redeemeth, and of Charity chat blesseth.

 The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis is universal, and is open-to every Master Mason who is in good standing under someconstitutional Grand Lodge and believes in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhoodof man. The only other qualification which it requires of its Neophyte is probity and honor,
and it esteems Masonic worth, ability, and learning above social and personal distinctions.
Seeking by means of its comprehensive ceremonials to extend Masonic knowledge, Morality and justice, and to enforce all those great principles which distinguish true Masons at all times.

The rituals are based upon those of the  craft universal; they explain its symbols, develop its mystic philosophy, exemplify its morality, examine its legends, tracing them to their primitive source, and dealing fairly and truthfully with the historical features of symbolical Masonry; they contain nothing in their teaching but what Mahommedan, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Brahmin, or Parsee may alike acknowledge. Strictly unsectarian, it offers an intellectual treat of the highest order to the Masonic inquirer, whether he be a literal student of Masonic history or a philosophical seeker of abstruse truth. It forms a pyramid whose base is that universal craft Masonry, which has covered the Globe, its time-worn ascents are the  Masonic virtues, its apex the seat of eternal truth.



The cradle of Masonry is placed by most judicious historians in that country which was first inhabited, namely, the plateau of Tartary, and it is said that it was transmitted to us by the sages of India, Persia. Ethiopia, and Egypt. To ancient Egypt we are indebted for Religion and Masonry.

It is known that at Memphis, Egypt, under the guidance of the King, the high degrees of Masonry were worked two thousand one hundred years before the Christian era! Previous to the seventeenth century A.D. all Masonic work to be legally conducted had to be authorized by a King or Priest. Proof of its antiquity has been handed down from age to age by the grand monuments, temples, etc., on which are the records left to us by the ancients; and to this day the museums of the world treasure specimens of stone, metal, papyrus, and gems as bold and living proof of our knowledge of the early history of man and his surroundings; even to this day ruins are unearthed in the Old World on which are pictured the figures and characters of ancient gods and dignitaries, etc., in peculiar attitudes, which bear convincing truths of their purpose.

The Priests of all religions were men of keen insight and forethought-they preferred to ride in safety on the topmost crest of popular feeling rather than be overwhelmed and destroyed by it; they therefore taught the people such tenets as they knew would suit their vulgar prejudices and love of the marvellous; invented legends, made sacrifices, reared idols, taught in parables, built splendid Temples, and manufactured miracles by the hundred. This was tangible and satisfactory to the masses, but in all this apparent mummery there was an inner meaning, known only to the initiated. To them these things were but allegories and symbols, conveying lessons of morality and philosophy too far advanced for the popular mind to grasp and understand, for it is far easier to blindly believe than to reason and digest.

Can anyone conceive it. possible that the great intellects of Greece and Rome, the Sages, Statesmen, and Poets of these countries actually credited the personal existence of its deities in their mythology?. Impossible. To the common people they were indeed gods and goddesses; but to the initiated they were only types of various passions, qualities, and seasons.

Aided by this age of reason and understanding, we cannot but admire and respect the pure and primitive philosophy, the soundness and accuracy of their instructions. They reveal to us a religion consonant with the laws of Nature , inculcating a doctrine simple in truthfulness, and beneficent through its universality.

In immeasurable antiquity, according to Indian monuments , the sages sought for light on the banks of the Gauges and in the beautiful countries of Hindostan. They, like we, gave worship to truth; they propagated this worship without pomp Their doctrines were simple, and freed from every sort of superstition. They adored the eternal God, creator of all worlds who guarded his work, and caused reproduction to spring from destruction. This simple theology of the Brahmins, whom the Greeks called Gymnosophists, was changed by the ridiculous fables and superstitious practices of the wild sectarians of Wichnou, who, from the North, made a bloody invasion into this peaceful. country. It spread itself through Persia, taken up by Zoroaster, cultivated by the Magi, it altered as everything in this world alters; it was brought back to its primitive simplicity by a second Zoroaster; having still faithful disciples in India; Ethiopia, whose inhabitants received the Brahmins and their doctrines; they assembled on the island of Meroe, and made free and happy the countries they governed. Followed. by a throng of his compatriots, Osiris came down from the mountains of Ethiopia, and by a most glorious conquest rendered barbarian Egypt subservient to his laws, giving it the precious gifts of civilization. These benefactors of the human race thought that it was impossible to impart pure light to uncultivated nations; they therefore disguised the Truth tinder emblems which the multitude took literally, and which had its worshippers in the Temples of Sais, of Thebes, of Heliopolis, and in magnificent Memphis. From this sprang two religions, as in China, in Greece, and in ancient Rome, as among-all enlightened people of the modern world; a religion of the multitude,. which only applies to exterior visible objects, and a religion of lettered people, who contemn these objects or only regard them as allegorical symbols under whose veil are hidden moral truths or great effects of nature.Immediately upon leaving this school, Orphetis established the mysteries of Samothrace, consecrated to the " Cabires," and which were carried abroad among many people. Tryptolemus and Eumolope gave laws to Greece, spread abroad & benefits to be received from agriculture, and laid the foundation of the Temple of Eleusis -, Abaris carried the Light into the North. The Mysteries of Memphis were instituted everywhere, even to the icebound plains of Scythia.

Every city in Egypt had its own peculiar symbol. T he eloquent Memphis adopted the magpie, the chattering bird, for its symbol. Thebes, which raised its thoughts up to heaven, decorated its banner with the eagle with eyes of fire. Canapa chose a censer (an urn wherein incense burned), as if to render homage to the divinity. The Sphynx, seated at the threshold of the Temples, was the emblem of the sages who watched over Egypt.

The sages, prepared in Heliopolis for the solemn mysteries of Memphis and Thebes, kept watch over the divine fire.

The sacred fire of Masonry burned there during a thousand years without any culpable attempt to lessen it or to extinguish it, and the archives of this mystic Temple reckon among the children of Memphis-: Orpheus, Homer, Pythagoras, Thales, Virgil, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, and a vast number of other philosophers of Greece, that intellectual daughter of Egypt.

During the time when, on the banks of the Nile, the august depositaries of these traditions veiled them from the eyes of their contemporaries, and only revealed them to the small number of those whom they considered worthy of the initiation, other adepts, in the interior of Africa, drew together colonies of barbarians, polished their manners, propagated science; in fact, founded our sacred mysteries in the burning sands of Nubia and Ethiopia.

Meroe . for his part, instructed the Gymnosophists. on the banks of the Ganges; Zoroaster founded the school of the Magi in Persia and Media. In fine, this sublime institution extended from. the plains of Memphis to the palace of the wise David. This illustrious Mason, when dying, commanded his son Solomon to raise a magnificent Temple as a testimonial of his thankfulness to the Sublime Architect of all worlds.

Hiram, at this time, was enlightening Tyre -Boaz, Jerusalem. The young Solomon besought their cooperation, and, according to their advice, went to Memphis, where he was initiated into the sublime mysteries. Here it was that the Hierophant preserved in the sanctuary of the patriarchs the chef d'oeuvre of Enoch, that precious Delta which Menes transported from Ethiopia to the bank of the Nile.

After Solomon was initiated, the Hierophant becoming acquainted with his vast project, and filled with belief in the neophyte, handed over to him this sacred symbol of the patriarch Enoch; the prophetic books of Hermes made it a duty to do so.

Soon more than a hundred thousand brethren assembled in Jerusalem and built workshops, so as to work for the glory of the Sublime Architect of all worlds.

The work on the Temple was pushed with so much order and vigor that on the third day of the fifth month of the seventh year the dedication was celebrated with truly royal pomp. Solomon himself placed the Delta in the Sanctuary, and during seven times nine days a thousand joyous shouts celebrated the inauguration of this new monument, this most magnificent masterpiece of architecture that men had ever built. The people were admitted -to visit the holy place where the majesty of the Sublime Architect shone forth with all its brilliancy, and the sonorous arches resounded with thousands of acclamations, and with three-times-three blows struck by a thousand mallets.

Solomon went in peace to his grave, having enjoyed through a long lapse of years a happiness without equal. From the day in which Solomon, inspired, built that Temple to the glory of the Sublime Architect of the universe, from the Nile to the Jordan the science of all Masonry stretched out its beneficial rays: the people united, rejoiced in the sweetness of fraternity most cordial; the sacred fire shone forth in Chaldean its pacific torch enlightened the whole of Judea; in fact, peace ruled over the whole Orient, when the infamous Cambyses, already bespotted with crime, carried sword and fire into Egypt, and made of it a theatre of death and devastation.

In this frightful overturning, civilization all at once stopped, Freemasonry in its, turn slept. The Saracens, after the first brutalities of conquest were over, softened their manner, gave themselves up to study, and rendered their rule to the subdued countries less severe. Masonry, if not protected by them, was at least tolerated. They allowed the patriarchs to hide the depository of our doctrines on the banks of the Nile,, or in the rocks of Palestine. This concession on their part was so much the greater from the fact that the essentially progressive spirit of Freemasonry was totally opposed to the Moslem fatalism.

During the. whole period of the Middle Ages, which embraces many centuries. our venerable institution gave no sign of vitality, but sprang to life after the Crusades, which had so marked an effect on the development of light and social well-being.

 The introduction of our Rite into Europe is due to the Crusades. Despite their poor success, the East to our heroic warriors remained for a long time the country of religion and glory; unceasingly they turned their eyes  yes toward
that beautiful Sun, toward those. palms of Idumea, those plains of Rama where the Infidels reposed under the shade of the olive tree, toward the fields of Ascalon which still retained. the marks of Godfrey Bouillon, of Tancred, 'of Philip Augustus, and of Courcey, etc.; toward that Jerusalem.. delivered for a moment, then relapsed into bondage, which showed it
self to them. as to Jeremiah, seated in solitude, drowned in its own tears, shorn of its people,
and its Temple destroyed.

Five times in the space of two centuries the West precipitated itself on Moslem Asia, and this gigantic struggle, which cost humanity rivers of blood, is rich in its results, among the most precious of which is the introduction of Masonry into Europe. It was by these valiant warriors who returned from the Holy Land the banners of the Fraternity were brought; it was from the celebrated river which saw on its banks the divine Osiris, the harmonious Orpheus, and the great Sesostris; it was from this sacred point, from this pure centre of the starry vault it was from the court of the Temple of David that the brave men of the Middle Ages caught a glimpse of our mysteries, even up to the door of the Middle Temple; this door of brass led to the Sanctuary, but it was necessary to stop at the foot of the double column which borders on the Pronaos; by aid of a word, a sign, then penetrate further on, receive their reward, and at eventide -return into the sombre nook there to groan at the apparent death of nature.

The Masonic Order of Memphis is, therefore, the sole depository of high Masonic science, the true ancient and primitive rite, that which has come down to us without any alteration, and consequently the rite that justifies its origin with a constant exercise of its rights by constitutions whose authenticity it is impossible to call into question. In fact, the Rite of Memphis is the true Masonic tree, and all other systems, whatever they may be, are only detached branches of this institution, rendered respectable by its vast antiquity.

The mysteries  were divided into two classes, the smaller and the greater. The smaller had for-its object the instruction of the initiated in the humane sciences; the sacred doctrine was reserved for the last degree of the initiation this was what they called the great manifestation of Light.

Between the knowledge of humane science and that of divine doctrine Were were symbolical degrees that had to be gone through. All the mysteries turned on three principal points, the Moral, the Exact Science, and the Sacred Doctrine. From the first they passed to the second without intermediary; but once arrived at the second degree long preparations were necessary-this was the object to be attained by three other degrees; the first ended and completed the smaller mysteries, the other two opened the greater.

It was not till the first symbolic degree, the third of the initiation, that the fables were exposed, and in the following, the two other degrees, they strove to penetrate into the sense of these fables and become worthy of the great manifestation of Light.

The general division included the preparations, the voyages and symbols, and Investigations. The preparations were divided into two classes; the first had as symbolic title the word " Wisdom," and for its object morality. The initiated were called Thalmedimites or disciples. The second had as symbolic title the word " Strength," and for its object the humane sciences. The initiated were called Heberamites or companions.

The voyages and symbols were divided into three classes: t he first called the Obsequies, the initiated bore the name of Mouzehemites; in the second, called Vengeance, they took that of Bheremites; and in the third, called Emancipation, that of Nescherites. The Investigation was the grand completion of the initiation, the crowning of the edifice, the Keystone of the arch.

The Patriarchs of Memphis qualified in the occult science that they taught in this degree by the name of regenerating fire. This science, that an illustrious philosopher called a particle broken from a great palm tree-a ray of Adamic power, destined to confound human reason and to humble it before God-a phenomenon belonging to prophecy-this science (magnetism), principle of the life of all organic beings, was part of the teachings of the seventh degree.

The knowledge of this magnetic fluid is the most precious good work of Providence; it is the mysterious key which opens to tile clouded intelligence the world of truth and light, and joins the finite to the infinite; it is the Golden Chain so often sting about by the poets; the basis of tile hidden philosophy that Democrates, Pythagoras, Plato and Appolonius came to seek front the Hierophants of Egypt, the Gymnosophists of India, invisible to the eyes  of the senses; the sight of the Soul is necessary for its study.

The initiation consisted of the dogma of Monotheism, which was declared to the great initiated, that is to say, there was but one God.

The dogma of punishment and rewards in another life was professed in the smaller mysteries.

Pantheism was the religion of antiquity; the word pantheism comes from two Greek words one of which signifies all and the other Godthat is to say, All is God.

The mysteries of the 'Masonic Rite of Memphis, which, in its primitive time, began with seven degrees, has to-day ninety-seven; ninety degrees of science and five degrees of Councils (official), together with the 96" of the Grand Master, forming the governing body of the order.

By the advancement of civilization and the present state of our social manners and customs it is impossible for a Masonic Rite, which in reality possesses the completion of the science of this sublime institution, to be constituted in such manner that all its members, without exception, should have a complete knowledge of the Masonic secrets, yet in order to meet with the demands of our times the Rituals have been so rearranged that the actual working degrees have been reduced to one-third by combining the work of three degrees into one working ritual.

" Let every man be persuaded in his own mind" - Rom, XIV. 5



The Ancient and Primitive Masonic Rite of Memphis was revived and introduced into Europe by the Most Illustrious Patriarch Ormus, Seraphic Priest of Alexandria, and brought into France by Brother Samuel Honis, a native of Cairo, Egypt, in the year 1814, and the " Grand Body " met at Montauban, on the 3oth day of April, 1815, tinder charge of Very Illustrious Brothers Honis, Marconis de Negre, the Baron Dumas, Marquis de Laroque, Hypolite Labrunie, J. Pettitt, and others, and tinder the distinctive title of Disciples of Memphis, May 23d of the same year. Suspended labor on the 7th day of May, 1816; the Archives were confided to the care of Illustrious Brother Marconis de Negre, Grand Hierophant work was recommenced at the Grand Lodge of Osiris, Disciples of Memphis, in Brussels, in the year 1838, and at the Valley of Paris; and on March 21, 1839, its three Supreme Councils were proclaimed and the Statutes published. But in 1841 the Grand Master Hierophant, the Illustrious and Enlightened Brother Jacques Etienne 'Marconis de Negre, son and initiate of the first Grand Hierophant, was forced by civil politics to put all the Lodges in France asleep. In 1848 work was resumed at the Orient of Paris, and continued to prosper, and in 1856 was firmly established in Egypt, America, Roumania, and other countries.

Illustrious Brother Marconis de Negre, in person, established the first organization of the A. and P. Rite of Memphis in New York City, November 9, 1856, under the name and title of  " A Supreme Council, Sublime Masters of the Great Work 90' " and in 186o it included over one hundred Past Masters of the Blue Lodge under the rule of Illustrious Brother David MacClellan.

 In 1861 . April the 27th, The Sov. Grand Master, David MacClellan, being Major of the
Seventy-ninth Regiment. N National Guard State of New York, being ordered to the seat of war,
resigned and appointed his successor in office, Who On June 29th received from the Grand
Hierophant a Charter, vise'd and sealed by the Grand Orient, for a Sovereign Sanctuary in
and for the Continent of America, together-with all the prerogatives, rights, and dignities
thereunto belonging and attached. November 7, 1862, the Sovereign Sanctuary held its first meeting.

In 1862 the Illustrious Grand Master Hierophant united our rite with the Grand Orient of France, and the High Grades continued to be conferred by the recognized Grand Council of Rites of the Grand Orient, and Illustrious Grand Hierophant J. E. Marconis, 33.- 97. which arranged the relative values of the degrees of the A. P. Rite of Memphis with those of Mizraim, the Ancient and Accepted. and other rites recognized by said Grand Council of Rites.

Upon this, in the year 1862, the Illustrious Grand Hierophant 33'. -.97'. -. acting in conjunction with Marshal Magnan 33. the Grand Master of the Grand Orient., formally constituted the Sovereign Sanctuary in America Shortly thereafter the degrees of the rite were condensed to thirty ceremonies and three official grades without abolishing or abrogating any of the original ninetyfive degrees.

The Grand Orient of France continued to exchange Representatives with the Sovereign Sanctuary in America, and lists thereof can be found in the French Official Calendar, until 1869, when, in consequence of the invasion of American territory by the recognition of a spurious Supreme Council of the A. and A. Scottish Rite, who worked the symbolic degrees, the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis withdrew from representation. * See for withdrawal edict.

May I, 1865, an official communication  from the Grand Orient of France was received by the   Sovereign Sanctuary A.P. Rite of Memphis, in and for the Continent of America, notifying that body of the appointment of his excellency, the Marshal Magnan, Grand Master of France, of M. -.W. -.Robert D. Holmes as Grand Representative of the Orient of France, near the Sovereign Sanctuary of America

 From 1856 to 1899 the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis has participated in various stages of progress and prosperity, admitting many of the M. -.W. -.Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of New York and many of the most influential Masons of the day who were the recognized and leading authorities in the other Masonic Rites to its ranks, who be came enthusiastic officers of the Chapters, Senate, Councils, Mystic Temples, and Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis.

Alpha Grand Council, S. M. G. 'N. [43' No. ISamothrace Senate, Hermetic Philosophers [19'42']; Gramercy Rose Croix Chapter [0-18'], bear the proud distinction of continued activity from. the year 1865 to date, 1899.

In the year 1872 several Illustrious Brethren who had previously received the 950. -. obtained a Charter for the establishment of a Sovereign Sanctuary in and for Great Britain and Ireland, with the Illustrious Brother, John Yarker, 33.,'.95.., as Grand Master General; in the same year many brethren, members of the Royal Council of Ancient Rites. which met under the H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex, Grand Master. In 1874 the Jerusalem Chapter of Antiquity formally amalgamated with Palatine Chapter No. 2 and Senate NO. 2 Of the A. and P. Rite of Memphis, thus giving the rite the prestige of time immemorial association in the United Kingdom.

"We should believe only in works; words are sold for nothing everywhere."


Excerpts from the Constitutions, Statutes, and Ordinances of the Rite of Memphis, etc.

Whereas, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis on the Continent of America acknowledges the Blue Lodge as the foundation and fundamental basis of the beloved institution to which the Masonic allegiance of all its members is due, and from which there can be no deviation; therefore no Mason can be allowed to join the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Freemasonry unless he is a member of a lodge in good standing, working tinder a Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons."

Sec. 7. -  Any member of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis who shall be expelled from the Master Masons' lodge to which he is attached, shall be declared expelled from all bodies, of which he may be A member, belonging to the A. and P. Rite of Memphis.

Sec. 8.-Any member of the A. and P. R. M., who shall be suspended in his lodge for tin-Masonic conduct, shall in like manner be declared suspended in all our bodies until regularly reinstated by action of his lodge, or of the Grand Lodge having jurisdiction in his case."

The Rite of Memphis orders its members to fraternize with members of all other rites. ' Tolerance ' is written at the head of all its sacred laws.

Its members can affiliate with any other Masonic Rite without being excluded from their own.

" Masonic charity and devotion being the duty of brothers, whosoever shall be convicted of having had projects or acts tending to lower the rite, or attack a brother's honor, can, by the very deed, be brought before the Committee of Inquiry and expelled from the Order."

" My brothers, may all the blessings of our rite be yours now and forever. Remember this-never condemn unheard. Examine, Reflect, and Tolerate."

In our intercourse with the world, let us carefully guard ourselves against depreciating any brother of the Order, no matter what his faults may be, Let no words of ill-will fall from our lips relating to the members of our rite. If, from motives of jealousy at our success and progress, they choose to be antagonistic to us, let all the aggressive acts be on their side; for if Masons disagree among themselves, and make their dissensions matters of public notoriety, what opinion of us can we expect from the outer world, and how can it believe in our professions of Brotherly Love and Friend- 0 ship? "

" It shall be permissible and allowable for the officers of subordinate bodies, owing fealty to the Sovereign Sanctuary, to receive as visitors to the bodies tinder their charge Masons in good standing of other Rites, who shall be received in the, degrees corresponding to those of their rite [special instructions and permission, however, must first be obtained from the Sovereign Sanctuary]."

Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master General: Your office is the highest Masonic dignity in the world. I -present you with the' Holy Book of Laws,, which is your guide in Masonry. The Gavel in your hands is a vast power. for with it in your grasp you will have to decide questions in the Sovereign Sanctuary that affect our Ancient and Primitive Rite, not only in this, but in every State upon this vast continent. I give into your keeping the Charter; guard it as sacredly as your Life or Honor, for it is the only legitimate Charter emanating from an authorized -Masonic body to confer the higher Masonic degrees ever granted. By virtue of this Charter and your high office you must be regarded as the fountain of authority governing the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis on the Continent of America."


Withdrawal from the Grand Orient of France

T\ T\G\O\T\S\A\O\T\U\

From the Orient of the Sovereign Sanctuary of Ancient and Primitive Freemasonry, According to the Rite of Memphis in and for the Continent of America. Valley of New York, this 2oth day of March, 1869. C. E. all Masons to whom these Presents shall

Come, Greeting:

 The following resolutions having been adopted, all Masons of the A. P. R. M.. are hereby ordered to abide by the same.

To the Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master, Officers, and Members of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the A. P. R. M. in and for the Continent of America: The committee appointed to take into consideration the matter of grievance in relation to  the Jurisdiction of Louisiana beg to report that, after careful consideration of the subject matter, your committee unanimously present the following preamble for adoption. That,

WHEREAS, A decree emanating from the Grand Orient of France, dated the fifth day of November, 1868, in which is recognized and acknowledged a body of spurious Masons, located in the State of Louisiana, styled the " Supreme Council of the A. and A. Scottish Rite in and for the Sovereign State of Louisiana. " That?

WHEREAS, Said spurious body has from time to time clandestinely granted charters for lodges in said jurisdiction of Louisiana, thereby invading the authority of the M. W. Grand Lodge of that State. That,

WHEREAS, The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis has by its toleration extended into nearly every State and Territory on this Continent, and' in the said jurisdiction 'of Louisiana there now exists four bodies of our Rite who claim protection of this Sovereign Body. And,

' WHEREAS, The Rite of Memphis has always acknowledged the Supremacy of the State Grand Lodges over the symbolic first three degrees of a Blue Lodge, and engrafted the same into: its constitutions by the following section, viz.,

 WHEREAS, The Rite of Memphis, on the Continent of America, considers the Blue Lodge the foundation and fundamental basis of our beloved institution, to which the   Masonic allegiance of all its members is due, and from which there can be no deviation; therefore, no Mason can be allowed to join the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis unless he is a member of a lodge in good standing working under a Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. And,

WHEREAS, The Officers and Brethren of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis deprecate the interference of any foreign body with the vested rights of Established Masonic Grand Bodies in America. Be it, therefore,

RESOLVED, That we, the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Ancient and Primitive' Rite of Memphis, in and for the Continent of America, in Council assembled, do hereby unanimously indorse the action of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, as embodied in resolutions adopted February 13th, 1869. Be it further

RESOLVED, That until such time as the Grand Orient of France shall have revoked its action as decreed November 5th, 1868, all fraternal intercourse with that Grand Body be, and the same is, hereby suspended.


Treaty between the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, or Order of Memphis, or of Egypt, in Great Britain and Ireland, in America in Italy, Romania, and ratified by their respective Sovereign Grand  Masters.

To the Glory of the Sublime Architect of the Universe, Salutation on all Points of the Triangle, Respect to the Order, Peace, Tolerance,. Truth.

 To all Illustrious and Enlightened Masons throughout the world, Union, Prosperity, Friendship, Fraternity: Know Ye, the Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Masters and Hierophants of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry in Great Britain and Ireland, in
America, in Italy, Romania, having judged it expedient in the interest of our beloved Rite that such regulations should be made between them , the High Contracting Parties, as may tend to unite more closely the Brethren of their several jurisdictions and to promote the interchange of courtesy and hospitality, have agreed to conclude a Treaty between the Sovereign Powers over which they respectively preside, and to promote such union have decreed the following Articles, viz.,


The Treaty or Contracting Parties mutually agree to recognize one Supreme Sovereign Grind Master, Grand Hierophant and Honorary Grand Patron, who shall be ad vitam, the Most Illustrious Brother, General Giuseppe Garibaldi 33.97. of Italy, as successor to the Illustrious and Enlightened Brother, Jacques Et. Marconis, 33.97', Paris, France,


All Illustrious Brethren visiting or joining Chapters, Senates or Councils in the jurisdiction of any of the Contracting Parties shall be received according to their rank at home, on an equal footing with those among whom they may respectively come, taking precedence according to their degree and amongst those of equal rank. according to the dates of their respective patents of creation.


The Contracting Parties agree that none of them will issue any Charter, Warrant or Patent authorizing the establishment of any Chapter, Senate or Council, or the reception of any member of the Rite within the jurisdiction of the other.


The Contracting Parties agree to render their Statutes, Ordinances, Forms, Rituals and other matters as homologous as the circumstances and requirements of their several jurisdictions will admit.


The Contracting Parties agree to fraternize so far as relative circumstances will permit, with all friendly Rites, but to hold no intercourse with or recognize any Masonic Body, Rite or Power within any foreign territory unless such Rite or Power maintains amicable relations with our Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry or Oriental Order of Memphis or of Egypt.


All judgments, decrees or sentences pronounced by the competent Supreme Authority in the Territory of the Contracting Parties shall be valid and executory in the other without further process, -and no appeal, error or review shall lie against such judgment, decree or sentences except in the Supreme Court of the ,Country from which they emanated, save by special license and authority or delegation under hand and sea] of the Sovereign Grand Master of such country, and in such case any judgment pronounced thereon shall be final.


The Contracting Parties further agree that all judicial acts done according to law by one of them shall be communicated to the other and thereupon published throughout the jurisdiction of the same, and any act of contumacy punished by the authority of such country shall be regarded by the other as contumacy against its own judicial act.


The Contracting Parties shall be at liberty to send reciprocally Representative or Legate  to be accredited to each other respectively, who shall receive all the honors due to his Representative position.


The Contracting Parties agree that all advantages of this Treaty may hereafter be extended to regular and legitimate Sovereign Powers of our Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry 95".  in all States, Kingdoms or Empires not included herein.


Any disputes or disagreements which may arise on any of these articles shall be referred to the mediation and decision of the Supreme Sovereign Grand Master under Article 1.

In witness whereof the above-named Grand Masters have hereunto set their hands and seals, on the date undernoted.

We, the undersigned Grand Masters, ratify and confirm the foregoing ten articles accepted on the day and date undernoted.

Signed JOHN YARKER, 33. 96. 90.
Sov. Gr. Master of Great Britain and Ireland. (SEAL)

Signed ALEX. B. MOTT, 33.96. 90.
M. I. Sov. Gr. Master in and for the Continent of America.
New YORK CITY, U. S. A. Sept. 14, 1881.

Signed G. PESSINA, 33.96. 90.
Sov.  Gr. Master for Italy.
NAPOLI, ITALY, Sept. 26, 1881.

Signed C. M. MOROIU, 33. 96.90.
Gr. Master of Roumanian Masonry. (SEAL.)
LA Bucuresci, Roumania, NOV. 22, 1881.


The Masonic Rite of Memphis is composed of ninety two degrees of science, divided for instruction into three series.

The First Series includes the fourth to the eighteenth degree, working ritual in the Chapter Rose Croix, It teaches morality, gives the explanation of symbols, disposes the beginners to philosophical research, and makes them understand the first part of history.

The Second Series comprises from the nineteenth to the forty-third degree working ritual of the Senate of Hermetic Philosophers. Teaches the natural sciences, the philosophy of history; it explains the political myths of antiquity. Its object is to stimulate to research of causes and origins, also to develop the humanitarian and sympathetic senses.

The Third Series comprises the forty-fourth to the ninetieth degree working ritual of the Sublime Council of the Mystic Temple, which makes known the completion of the historical portion of the Rite. It occupies itself with high philosophy; it studies the religious myths of the different ages of humanity and admits the most advanced theosophical labors.

From the 91 to 95 are the official degrees. The first and second officers of Chapters, Senates and Councils receive the 92 to 94 and represent the several bodies in the Mystic Temple during their term of office.

The third and fourth officers receive the 91 and are members of the Tribunal of Grand Defenders of the Rite during their term of office, and the Grand Master of Light and Grand Orator of the Mystic Temple receives the 95 to represent their State in the Sovereign Sanctuary, which is composed of the  Grand Conservators Generals of the Rite 95 and last Degree of the Rite. And is ruled by one Sovereign Grand Conservator General 95, which is elected every 3 years.


Of the various designations of epochs of origin of the world, one is indicated by nine zeros ooo,ooo,ooo - which is the most philosophical manner of expressing it, since it is unknown.

The following are some of the beliefs concerning the antiquity of the globe:

 Japanese date back  .................................................. 2,000,000 years
 Chaldeans and the Magi of ancient Persia date back ..... 150,000 years
Phoenicians date back. ................................................. 36,000 years
 Egyptians date back   ...................................................24,000 years

The Era of Freemasons is dated in the following manner, according to the 'Various Rites in which they work:

Masons all over the world working in the York and French Rite add 4,000 years to the Christian era, naming it the Anno Lucis (year of light), and begin the Masonic year on January 1st, but the French begin March 1st. Thus the year 1899 would read A. L.  5899.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite use the Jewish Calendar, which adds 3,760 years to the vulgar era, and is termed Anno Mundi (year of the world), or Anno Hebraica (Hebrew year), which begins on the first day of the Hebrew month Tishri (September 17th), and reads A. M. 5.659, corresponding to 1899.

The Rite of Mizraim adds four years to the computation used by the York Rite.

Royal Arch Masons date their official documents, etc., from the time of the building of the second Temple, 530 years before Christ.

 Knights Templar date from the organization of the Order, 1118.

The calendar used by the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis, date Year of True Light, 000,000,000, and

March 21st answers to the

 Egyptian month   .........................TOTH.
 April.........................................   PAOPHI.
 May   ........................................ ATHIR.
June ............................................CHOCAC.
July ..................................................... TIBI.
August ................................... . MECHIR
September ......................................SHAMENOTH
October .................................. . PHARMATHI
November................................. PACHON
December ..........................................PAGNI
January . ................................... .EPOPHI
February ....  ................................ MESORI


"Preserving the ancient mysteries of masonry"

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