First Preamble

Reginald Gambier Mc Bean

M.V.O. of His Britannic Majesty’s

Consul Service Late Council at Palermo



The mystery which surrounds the origin of modern speculative freemasonry constitutes perhaps not the least of its attractions in the more or less accepted history of the institution dates one may say from the eighteenth century in each one the nucleus of the present symbolic and speculative United Grand Lodge of England was started in London in 1717. A number of Rites of a more or less chivalrous philosophic mystical or occult nature working higher degrees as well arose especially in France which probably played a not  unimportant part in the preparation of the great, but undesignedly  sanguinary , French Revolution.

All these Rites laid claims to origins of which it would have been difficult to produce documentary proofs, even when they were not purely legendary, traditional, fanciful or perhaps even self-contradictory. It is enough to recall the supposed  chronological history of Freemasonry since the creation of man, given in the preamble to the Constitutions which Anderson compiled for the Grand Lodge of England in 1723, and the not unchallenged regularity  and authority of the Grand Lodge itself until the Union in 1813; or the discredited  Charter of  Frederic the Great  on which was founded in Charleston, in 1802, the first Supreme Council of the now flourishing Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, for one to feel that, if Freemasonry has for centuries exercised so deep a fascination and lasting influence, this must be due not so much to its external history, which indeed often leaves much to be  desired, as rather to such innate qualities as belong  to all great spiritual movements, having for their true aim the helping of  mankind to ascend, in its anxious search for truth, the steep and arduous  ladder of ultimate human perfection. 

The following Official History on the legendary, traditional and exoteric history of the Memphis Rite, are complete and are revised English version of some French and Italian Notes, published in Palermo in 1923 and intended to answer provisionally, and specially for that Obedience, the many enquiries to which the recent revival of the Rite in Italy, in 1921, had naturally given rise.


Second Preamble

Rui Alexandre Gabirro

M.D.R. High Commissioner of Cabinda

London England



Our current civilisation is greatly influenced by the works of those Greeks and Roman writers and philosophers who examined the recorded works of the Egyptian civilisation such as Plato Aristotle and Pythagoras.

Our current civilisation is inevitably influenced by the Egyptian civilisation.

The greatest disaster to the Egyptian civilization was the irresponsible and criminal destruction of the great library at Alexandria. Everything not examined and translated has been lost for ever. The Alexandra library took three months to burn.  

For 1400 years, no one knew how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. Virtually all understanding of this mysterious script had been lost since the 4th century AD. The breakthrough to the decipherment of hieroglyphs came in 1799 when a French officer of engineers discovers the Rosetta Stone in the town of Rashid on the western delta of the Nile.

The notice of this important discovery reached Napoleon and he ordered it to be placed in the Institute National which he had founded in Cairo. Napoleon ordered copies of the stone, which was covered with hieroglyphics and rows of Demotic and Greek text to be distributed among the learned of Europe, and through this action the lost language of the Ancient Egyptians was recovered from oblivion.


The Ancient and Primitive Rite has always acknowledged the Supremacy of the State or National Grand Lodges over the symbolic first three degrees of a Blue Lodge, and engrafted the same into its constitution. The Ancient and Primitive Rite, does not countenance, confer degrees upon, or retain within its bosom any person not in good standing in a Blue or Symbolic Lodge of F\and A\M\. The Sovereign Sanctuary Recognizes all Regular Masonic Rites such as the York Rite, the French Rite, the Emulation Rite, the Misraim Rite, the Scottish Rectified Rite, the Scottish Rite and so on.  The Sovereign Sanctuary does not initiate in the Craft Degrees of Masonry. The Sovereign Sanctuary respects all Grand Lodges of the Craft, and only works from the 4th Degree onwards to the 95th and last of the Masonic Scale of High Degree Masonry.

The Ancient and Primitive Rite as always only charged for the first 7 Initiations, all other initiations have no charge.

The difference between the Sovereign Sanctuary and other groups is that our Order is the perpetual connection to the original bodies of which regular Masons were members. The Ancient and Primitive Rite is a Masonic body. Some groups, which claim to be "Masonic-like", seem unaware that you cannot confer or hold Masonic Degrees if you are not a Master Mason.
The Sovereign Sanctuary is the only regular Order in the world which Master Masons can belong to, which has the Ancient and Primitive Rite lawfully within its bosom. Other groups are non Masonic and unauthorized.



The Rite is Christian in its nature due to the majority of the Rituals Degrees being based upon the Christian Tradition of the New Testament, the Rite reserves the Right to only admit those that have a firm believe in Jesus The Christ, such as any Christian Master Mason, Muslim Master Mason or Messianic Jew Master Mason.




The Ancient and Primitive Rite

"Preserving the ancient mysteries of masonry"

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