Translation from the Italian, of the Letter and Charter from Egypt granting to Palermo full powers and jurisdiction over the Memphis Rite in Italy.


A\ G\ D\ S\ A\ D\ M\

(To the Glory of the Sublime Architect of the World)


Sup: Gen: Coun: of  PP: G: Conservators ad vitam of the Masonic Order of Memphis for Egypt and its Dependencies.

S. V. F.

Vo.472 Vol. II

            Secretariat General, Orient of Alexandria 26th, Epaphi, A.V.L. 000,000,000


To the Illustrious and Puissant Brothers:

Gaetano La Loggia, Giusseppe Colosi and Pietro Tondu.




With immense satisfaction I have the high honour to enclose, herewith, Constitutive Letters Patent of the Ancient and Revered Rite of Memphis enabling you to found, when and as you may think fit, Workshops in all the degrees.

So great a privilege for the whole kingdom of Italy is granted only to the Valley of Palermo.

In the last line of the annexed Letters Patent you will affix your signatures, one as Gr\ M\, another as Gr\ Secretary and the third as Gr\ Keeper of the Seals.

You will, I am sure, accept so fine an attestation of the Brotherly feeling of this Gr\ Or\ towards you all.

I sized so fine an opportunity to give you the embrace of Brotherhood.


                                             By Mandate of the Gr\ Hierophant

                                             RAFFAELLE SCARROZA, 33\ 95\ 


                                             Supplementary Gr\ Secretary.


A true copy agreeing with the original.

EDWARD ROUL , 33\ 95\

Gr: Secrertary


Charter enclosed , 1876


A\ G\ D\ S\ A\ D\ M\

Grand Orient of Egypt

To all Regular Masons spread over the two Hemispheres

S\ V\ C\ P\ F\


In the name of the Grand Hierophant, Grand Master, Supreme Head of the Ill\GG\PP\of the 95\Degree, GG\CC\ad vitam of the Masonic Order of Memphis (Oriental Rite).

We Grand Hierophant, Sublime Mr\ of Light, in virtue of the Statutes of the Masonic Order of Memphis, declare that we have constituted and do constitute, by these present Letters Patent, the Sovereign Administrative General Council of the Order for Italy at the Valley of Palermo, granting to it full power to constitute and correspond with, the Lodges, Chapters, Areopagi, Senates, Concistories and  Councils of the Valleys of Italy, to deal with all applications which may be addressed  to it by the Sanctuary of Memphis, and this for the duration of 5 years, according to the statutes of the Masonic Order of Memphis, for that which regards each Member, with orders to comply as regards the rest with ordinances of the said Statutes, approving all its acts up to the present day.

Given from the Valley of Alexandria, Egypt, 26th, day of Epaphi, in the year of V\ L\ (true light) 000,000,000.

(Signed) For S. A. Zola,

Grand Hierophant,

De Beauregard, 33\ 95\

Supplementary Grand Master of the Sanctuary.

F.F.Degli Oddi, 33\ 95\

Grand Chancellor.





Declaration stated by French Correspondent to have been made in 1896, by Ex-Grand Hierophant S. A. Zola regarding the title of Gr\ Hierophant usurped by Bro\ Pessina of Naples\

(Translation from the French Version)

Mr. Zola, Ex Universal Grand Hierophant of the Oriental Rite of Memphis, hereby declares that in 1874/5 he created Messrs. Gaetano La Loggia, 33\ (Grand Master of the Masonic Secession at Palermo); Enrico Parisi, 33\; Giovanni Lucifero, 33\; Pietro Tondu, 33\; Giuseppe Colosi, 33\; Salavatore Sottile, 33\; and others, Patriarchs 95\  Of the Rite of Memphis. Later these same persons were raised by the Gr\; Hierophant to the dignity of Sublime Magi, 96\; with power to constitute in Italy the authority of the Rite and to confer degrees up to the 95th.

Mr. Pessina, if really a Mason and of the Rite of Memphis, is not and cannot be other than a simple affiliated member of the body founded by the above mentioned persons.

And who pray! Nominated him Hierophant? He alone knows! For, in the Rite o Memphis, there can be but one Grand Hierophant, who at present is my successor, Prof. Ferninando Francesco Oddi.





FRANCE - V\ Ill\ Bro\ Jean Bricaud furnishes the following Notes: (Translation)

“In France Memphis was dormant; only Mizraim continued with its 90 degrees. In 1901 – 1902 Mizraim in its turn, became dormant and its members, for the most part, passed over to the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite. A few, like Papus and Teder, remained independent.

“In 1908, June, 8th, they brought about a Masonic Spiritualist Convention in Paris under the Hon. Presidency of John Yarker and the effective Presidency of PApus and Theodore Reuss, Grand Master of the Sov\ Sanct. of Germany.

The Convention was organizad by Bro\Teder, the substitute in France of V\ Ill\ Bro\ John Yarker.

“On June 9th, 1908, the Convention unanimously decided to constitute, in Paris, a Supreme Grand Council and Grand Orient of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry for France and its Dependencies; to accept from the Sovereign Sanctuary and Grand Orient of Berlin the Constitutive Patent, and to establish a Central Bureau under the title of Secrerariat de la Federation Maconnique Spiritualiste Universelle.

(Extract from the Report of the Convention)

“The Constitutive Patent of a Supreme Grand General Council for France was signed by the Sov. Sanct. Of Berlin on June 24th,1908, for the United Rites of Memphis and Mizraim.

“Such is the origin of the revival of the Rite in France, after making the following passage: Marconis transmitted the Rite from France to North America; the latter transmitted it to England (John Yarker); England transmitted it to Germany (Theodor Reuss) and Germany brought it back to France in 1908 (Papu-Teder).

“During the War (1914) the Rite became disorganised.

Papus died in 1916 (25th October), Teder succeeding him as GR\ M\; but he died, in his turn, in Spetember, 1918, transmitting to me (Jean Bricaud) his powers. But the Rite was Dormant. In 1919 I notified Th. Reuss of the situation in France and of my wish to revive the Rite with members that remained. Th. Reuss issued to me, on September 10th, 1919, a Patent dated from Bale, where he was then residing, conferring on me full powers to constitute a Sovr. Sanct. of the Rite in France; and, on the other hand, the Grand Council of Confederated Rites of Scotland delivered to me, on September 30th, 1919, a Patent authorising me to establish, in France, all the Rites of the Grand Council (Scottish Rite, Memphis and Mizraim, Mystic Shrine, Royal Order of Scotland, etc.)

“Such, my V\ Ill\ Bro\ is the history of the Rite in France since its re-establishment in 1908.

“Switzerland._ In 1920, in agreement with Reuss, I had transmitted my powers of Secretariat de la Federation Mac\ Spiritualist to Hilfiker for the establishment, at Zurich, of an International Masonic Federation, which came to nothing owing to the Thomson affair and to the American Masonic Federation, as you know.”



The Ancient and Primitive Rite

"Preserving the ancient mysteries of masonry"

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