Spain - A V\ Ill\ Bro\ of France furnishes the following Notes.

“ On February 15th, 1887, a Grand Council General for Spain, was founded and “reconnu constitutivement” by Bro\ Pessina of Naples, with a Charter dated January 10th, 1889.

“The First Grand Master was Manuel Gimino Y Catalan, (25/10, 1887 – 25/10 1890);

“The Second was Marquis di Santa Maria, (25/10, 1890 to 8/10 1893);

“The Third was Ferninando Lozano y Montes, ( 8/10, 1893 to 30/3 1894.)

“The Fourth was Isidoro Villarino del Villar, (30/3, 1894 to …..?). I have not the date of his death for the moment.

“Under the Grand Mastership of Villarino del Villar the Sovereign Sanctuary became the Rite National Espagnol Souv\ Gran\ Con\ Iberique, which is dormant  since 1913 / 14.”


Note : We present an interesting memorandum from this spurious body to the Regular Body in New York. By the present document we can see the deep deviation that this branch had in Spain and the strong political influence of that group.

It is also interesting to notice the beginning of the attempt to  confuse the Rites of Memphis with that of the Rite of  Misraim.

We cannot therefore accept this body that existed in Spain at this time as a regular Masonic body of the Ancient and Primitive Rite.

I have decided to publish it so you can draw your our conclusions on the spread of the so-called Memphis-Misraim organizations and groups.

We do not recognize and do not understand how can two Rites so different one from the other can be agglomerated in one.  







 Ad Universi Terrarum Ortbis Summi Architecti Gloriam

Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite Of Memphis and Mizraim

To all Points of the Triangle with, due respect to the Order, Peace, Tolerance, Truth.

To all Masonic Powers and Craft the Surface of the Earth and Especially of the Sov\ Sanct\ 33°,95° Deg\ A\ and P\ Rite of Memphis 

Continent of America

We are now in possession of the communication of the Sanctuary of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis 33°95° for the jurisdiction of the American Territory, dated March 16, 1893, within which communication we are threatened to forsake said territory, they so justly occupy since 1863.

With all the sentiments and perceptions on our part, we cannot very well accede to the solicitations, referred to in the above mentioned communication, since, if it be true, that this Grand Body exists on the continent of America since thirty years, and hols full pledged jurisdiction over the Rite of Memphis 95°, then it is clear that this Soberana Gran Consejo General Iberico practices an other distinct Rite, with distinct organizations, and other views in its object, as may be distinguished by its proceedings, regime, administration, and denominations, for since our pretender and accuser solely conducts and governs the Rite of Memphis 95°; we do govern the Oriental Reformed Rite of Memphis and Mizraim; or more properly speaking: that we do govern neither the Rite of Memphis, nor of Mizraim but the Oriental Reformed-Rite of Memphis and Mizraim, wherein the 91° and 97° have been converted to the 33°so commonly known.

It is for this reason, that our Consulting and Judiciary Committee taking in consideration the international and universal Masonic Rites, has adopted a decision and formed an opinion, that we are justified in occupying the American territory non-occupied as yet by the Rite we do exercise.

In fact it is a universal precept that each and every Masonic power is in the right to govern by its statutes all bodies established within the confines of its jurisdiction, on any territory not occupied by any other power of the same Rite.

Thus, it is rational, that each and every power, governing a certain Rite in a recognized territorial jurisdiction is sovereign and independent from others throughout the extension of its territory, save with due respect to all general laws of Masonry and fundamental Statutes of the Rite.

Discontinuance to enunciate the denomination of the various powers; suffice it to convince our reader of the differences in the rite by the evidence contained in the seals thereof, as the one bears the inscription: Sovereign Sanctuary 33°, 92° Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Continent of America, while the other, the one we govern: Soberano Gran Consejo General Iberico of the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Memphis and Mizraim 33° 90° 96°.

And if this be not sufficient proof to convince the reader, we refer the same to the Supplement No I of the Lybic Chain April 1st,18 85, p7,8, wherein appeared the Charter of Craft regulating its situations, issued by the Grand Hierofante of the Rite of Memphis granted in Paris by the powerful Br\ S.E. Marconis de Negre 97°\ whereas our Charter or Masonic Craft was issued by the Grand Hierophante of the Reformed Orienta Rite of Memphis and Mizraim, granted in Naple by the Powerful Br\ J. B. Pessina, 33°,91°, 97°.

Consequently it results, that the Sovereign Sanctuary of Memphis, with its higher jurisdiction in America, equal to that of Rumania and  Egypt, constitutes a confederation , with which we have always been on terms and relations of extreme amity, but nevertheless forms no part of the confederation of the Rite we do exercise.  

Furthermore the Supreme Sanctuary of America seems to undervalue and hold in little esteem the Symbolism, while we on the other hand concede and lay great stress on the first three degrees of Masonry, as we consider the capitular and philosophic degrees, as generally understood, not representing any more than pure personal ambition, or incense loftiness.

It is for this and various other reasons, that we have clearly demonstrated our right to occupy the territory of America and deem our actions in this respect fully justified as there is no omnipotence or omnisovereigness attached to Masonic Rights, and since the rank and most ancient precepts of ritualistic Masonry is of more valor to us, than to them.

It is scarcely comprehensible, that Universal, which mainly involves the sentimental of individual right, should have no possible redemption for an institution, wherein should flagrate the sentiment of justice, and that Universal Masonry should have omitted the idea of justice is beyond belief.

We as a social entity, have admitted, recognized, and sheltered other social entities, desirous to live with us, we have admitted them, for we are aware of the fact, and know that every society must originate from some voluntary act, and coordinate with individual freedom, must have a certain well determined aim in view, in order to be recognized as a subject of righteousness and as a lawful person.

The fundamental law of social relations prohibits us to permeate or force in into the aims of individual persons, unless it be of his own free will and accord, neither are we to violate the right of his own autonomy, or use the same for void purposes, for such is likewise the fundamental right of each and every lawful society, which as every lawful person, enjoys the prerogatives of choosing its collective aims, of determining its functions, of designing and contriving the volition efforts and confidence of its members, of liberally disposing of its means, and simultaneously not violate the individual freedom of the social conditions, to be declare and sanctioned as unique right.

Therefore since we have occupied the American territory, whereon our Rite has never a priori been exercised, and when men of different races and various nationalities have of their free will and accord chosen the Gran Consejo General Iberico, in order to aid the common cause of Masonry, how dare ye surmise and pretend that we have violated the Masonic precept, or restrained the individual liberty, thereby invoking rights, which apparently are true errors and monstrous legal and literary defaults.

Nay, we cannot yield, the work we have accomplished to a body of different distinct Rite, notwithstanding the fact that we doubt we doubt whether the same body whose presage is contested to us, will ever desire it.

Subsequent to thirty years of hard labor this Sovereign Sanctuary of Memphis has succeeded in constituting nine bodies while on the other hand we have constituted eighteen bodies within a period of six months.

Furthermore, they have always considered us abject, and never did find it worth while to respect us according to the forms of good education, they contempted our company instead of exchanging with us representatives, as they have done with the Grand Lodge of Cuba and not until then that we have succeeded in constituting within a period of six months twice the result of their labor during 360 months, that they consider us a body of the same Rite, presenting us with their official bulletin; prior to that they have not conferred the favour upon us of nominating us as honourable members; while now they demand of us that of which they never possessed any knowledge, nor were able to construe.

This is a graceful interpretation of their precepts, and an admirable theory of Territory Invasion.

Let us examine this question from reasonable standpoint of view:

We did not travel to East of North America with mere prurience of invading said territory, but we have pursued, and sought to attain a certain aim, which we may well consider political, oral and essentially just.

Omitting the primaries temporarily, we find that the latter have for their fundamental basis, the petition of diverse juridical entities and great number of Masons while we on our part cannot very well omit the precept which states: “Man does not live so isolated, but in constant communication with his fellow beings”, since it is there from, that originates the laws governing the conditions demanding The Right, the same being true within the orbit of individual activity or social action- consequently, when as the right, realized through conscientious and free activity, is a medium absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of the natural aims in social life; how then are we to leave and permit the conditions of this right unaccomplished? When the same be correspondingly demanded of us in the same conscientious and free manner.

Are we to impose by means of compulsion a Masonic body, that manifest free will to work under our auspices to the auspices and jurisdiction of another distinct Rite?

The invasion of the territory, non-occupied as yet by the Ancient Reformed Oriental Rite of Memphis and Mizraim is a case of prompt resolution, not decided by a judge, but by those who have authoritatively constituted the law, and we have well interpreted the dispositions of Universal Convention and Congress in regard to this main point, for it is a well known fact, that the faculty of law creation is augmented by the interpretation  of diverse cases, such as justly demand that the respective law be accurately known. It was within this sense and for this reason, that the Roman jurist maintained, that the office of interpretation of laws pertains to the art of Legislature.

“Eorum vanam subtilitatem tam risimus quam corrigendam esse censuimus. Si enim in praesenti leges eondere soli imperatori concessum est et leges interpretari solo dignum imperio essi oportet. Quis legume oenigmata solvere et omnibus aperiri idoneus esse videbitur nisi is cuasi legislatorem esse coucessum est?

Explosis itaque his rideulosis ambiguitatis tam conditor quam enterpres legume solus imperator juste existimabitur.”

We thus interpret these precepts and invade the North America Territory without any possibility of co-action, thought it behoves us to exercise this right in a definite and determined manner.

Are we to omit the accomplishment of good for the sake of good, which is per se a moral precept, and perform the same in order to obtain some other good, which is another precept of right?

Nay, we shall not solely grant and admit them under our auspices, defend and protect them, but we are resolved and quite well disposed to proceed onward and onward and truly and lawfully fulfil the arbitration through which we are linked, notwithstanding the accusations made against us, and in spite of those pretending and attempting with their lawless attacks on us to injure us.

Since we are not solely induced by the aforesaid reasons and causes, but it is the sublime sentiment of patriotism that prevails upon us at this solemn moment.

The exertion on the part of the United States of North America with a tendency to annex our provinces in America, especially Cuba is evidently a well-known fact.

The propaganda of annexation on this great island is quite perceptible, and the Soberano Gran Consejo General Iberico,does and always has pretended to protect all bodies soliciting its aid, bestowing upon them heat, life and force, and thus neutralizing the efforts on the part of the enemies of the integrity of the fatherland, and we thus hope, that our Masonic power will in due time grow to be so great as to restore the political balance in such a manner that will without blood-shedding save us from the disgrace of seeing the unique possession of our powerful and eminent colony in America totally destroyed.

While it is obvious, that our fatherland possesses sufficient life and vigor of mind, not to consent to any disgrace of the kind; it is for Cuba to mediate and reflect upon, that fatherland for fatherland is of more value, for it was the first populace in the world from the sixth till the sixteenth Century, equal to Greece through Epopee, Italy, through Art, France through philosophy, it is this fatherland that had maintained a Leonidas in Pelago, an Aquiles in Cid; that commenced with Numanic and ended with Zaragoza; it is this our native country that traversed the fiery seas of America, and to wich this new continent owes its civilization, culture, and in its immense superiority its language.

We are the people of Fuero Juzgo, whose assemblies in the forest were contemporaneous with the Forum Romano, whose celebrated courts in Leon existed sixty seven years prior to the first English Parliament in London, whose navy pierced with its keel the deepest seas, and traced all cost; who have produced the first sages and heroes in the world, a Lepante glorious through victory, a Trafalger grand through the grandeur of his defense; who conquered a Carlo Magno and a Napoleon, there is no shadow, that would throw even a film on our glory except the nefarious Bonfires of the Inquisition, resting on thousands of men, the genius, Gloria and dignity of our fatherland; although this grandest, noblest and most generous fatherland on earth, must not be confounded with the errors, blunders, of our imprudent inconsiderate regents.

The Soberano Santuario de Memphis 95° has invaded the whole continent of America and could therefore constitute Lodges in Cuba. Apropos, this island, considered from a political standpoint of view forms a part of Spain, has the Soberano Santuario de Memphis invaded our territory, by establishing bodies under its obedience. Cuba and Porto Rico geographically considered pertain to the American territory, have we invaded the jurisdiction of the Soberano Santuario de Memphis by establishing on both islands lodges under our obedience.

Has the Soberano Santuario de Memphis 90°, 95° established on the continent of America by the jurisdiction of Canada, likewise invaded the right of the territory conceded to them?

The right of territorial possession is absurd, for who has the privilege of consecrating as proprietary or sovereign a certain territory to any Masonic body or power?

Does Masonry advanced in its progress above all orders, maintain as an absolute Epiphany the principle of divine right?

A series of men, highly respected in Masonry, but very ignorant in the subject of public right have arrogated and attributed to themselves the power of recognizing Masonic rights and regularities, a regularity they concede to whom it pleases them, or refuse whenever such idea comes uppermost in their minds; dare ye be inquisitive and ask who has granted them much power? Who was the first regular body, and by whom was it recognized as such? Whiter should the body by right originate, that it may please their Majesty to recognize, regularise, or grant territorial concessions?

Such is the spirit of understanding and reason of the members of that gallant potency, such is the disposition of the members of the Masonic science, which they interpret according to their methods.

We are therefore bound to say that Masonry although mainly involving the sentiment of right , lacks the sentiment of justice.

Let us now return to the field of practice, where as an obvious demonstration of the derangement that reigns in what regards the territory invasion, we encounter with Spain, the existence of a Scotch Masonic body, working in the three symbolic degrees , recognized by the Convention of Lausana, two potencies coinciding at the Convention of 1876, viz. : England and France; have invaded the territory occupied by the Independent Grand Lodge of Sevilla, and constituted lodges in a land, the territory of which was granted by above mentioned Convention. Notwithstanding the state of affairs granted in favour of the above said Grand Lodge, France has contracted alliance of amity with another potency, professing the same Rite as the Independent of Spain, recognizing as the unique regular body of Scotch Masonry in Spain the Grand Orient of Spain, while on the other hand, the Grand Lodge of Switzerland the Grand Orient of Greece, and various other Grand Lodges, grant the same recognition to the National Grand Orient of Spain, and the Grand Lodge of the State of New York concede the same to the Grand Orient of Spain with which powers, they simultaneously exchange representatives, without any scrupulosity whatsoever.

On the same continent of America, whereon there exists the most undisturbed and unaffected Order of Masonry, a Masonry, which is the most crankly observer of the doctrines of Fraternity a Masonry gigantic in the eyes of the world through its characteristic works, with a modesty among its conspicuous members equal to none; there on that same continent we do encounter with (not withstanding the tiresome gossip of jurisdiction right), 260 Lodges existing without fear, scrupulosity, without being considered as invaders or vagabonds working under the auspices of the directive bodies of the German Masonry, practising the Rite of York, which is the same Rite practised by the most perfect Masonry.

France has lodges constituted under its obedience throughout the world, so has England, the Grand Orient of Lusitano Unido, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Grand Lodge of Missouri, which established the L\ No 520 in Mexico, as well as the Gr\ L\ of United States that has an infinite number of L\ under its obedience on the Dominion of Canada.

England has Lodges in:


Limassol, No 2277 (Cypre), Zante, No 880 (Zante)


Constantinople, Nos 687, 819,891, 1041, Ephes, No 978., Smirna, 806, 896, 952, 1014, 1015, 1340., Corfu, 447.


Alexandia, No 1157, Cairo, No 1068, 1105, 1226, 1355.


Amoy, No 1781, 1806, Kantton, No 2013, Tienstin, No 1951, Chinkian, No 1433, Foochonz No 1912


Kowe, No 1401, Tokis, No 2015, Yokohama, No 1092, 1263


No 618 and 1024, Cordoba, No 1740, Rosario de Santa Fe, No 1553


Jorge Twen, No 247, 385


Montevideo, No 876


Phernambuco, No 672, Santa Marta Columbia, No 550, New Granada, No 551


Valparaiso, No 1183, New Amsterdam, No 1183


Trinidad, No 405

The Grand Orient of Italy has Lodges in:


Alepo- Helbon, Hointab- Henderson, Adama- Luce, Damasco- Siria, Antoquia- Surea, Hons – Union


Bucharest- Corona Romaniei, Bacan- Sapientia, Mihaleni- Monte Fiore, Focsani- Unirea


Alexandria- Estella de Alexandia, Cairo- El Bien Publico, Nueva, Pompeya- Luz de Oriente y Nilo


Belgrand – Concordia, Labor and Constance


Buenos Aires, Giordano Bruno, Obedience to the Law, Italy, Sette, Colly, Italian Union and Sons of Italy.


Montevideo, the freedom of thought.


Lima- Italian Star.

The Grand Orient of France has Lodges in:


Barcelona, The Sages.


Corfu, The Phoenix


Bottuschancy- Hiram, Braila- Phare Hospitalier, Bucharest- Les Sages de Heliopolis, Constanza- L’Etoile de la Dobrudja, Galatz – Disciples de Pithagoras, Jassy- Star of Rumania, Plojesci- La Union, Turn Severin- The Star of Sever


Constantinople- The Star of the Bosfurus, The Progress, Amor, Constantinople.


Beyrut- The Liban


Alexandria – The Piramides of Egypt


Mexico- The Human Country


Valparaiso – The Pacific Star


Buenos Aires- Los Amigos de los Naufragos 


Montevideo- Lodge and Chapter the Friends of the Country.


Geneva- One Lodge

The Supreme Council of France has Lodge in:


No 176, 269, 304


No 191, 290, 295, 296, 29, 298, 300, 303, 305, 306, 307.


No 10, 49, 52, 59, 73


No 124


No 141, 160


Baleares  No 158, 222, Puerto Rico No 291, Malaga No 289, Barcelona No 285, Cadiz No 241, 250, 251, 299 

Only Spain commits obtrusion, only Spain invades territories, only Spain disowns the right of jurisdiction, when it intends and aspires to elevate the spirit our bodies to convey the spirits of its Philosophy to an undisturbed and unaffected power; a power that has for its main object and scope, eating, drinking, and dancing; according to the expression of one of the noblest and most honourable English Masons, in a document that is in our hands, wherein he says: “The spirit of Masonry is the least elevated. During a whole Century it has existed as a free swift society; a mere society assembled together, to eat, to drink and to sing.” It is evident, that aught of their excess is devoted to charity, but it is also obvious, that universal Masonry, when so comprehended and practiced is fruitless, useless and irrational, unaffected by disgrace egotistic, without ideals, without any scope, and therefore has no right to exist as a lawful entity of true Masonry. Consequently they are a mere civil association founded on mutual protection, and have no right to call themselves Masons, for a Masons denotes, a knight of progress, a protector of the destitute, a saviour of the unfortunates, a defender of every just and sacred cause, to defend the cause of the people against its oppressors, in the political, economical and social order he must be a preacher of its ideas and ransom; an indefatigable preceptor, a martyr at all the times and every cause of redemption, poor for he gives without first covering his necessary expenses, does not reflect on superflux, great only in his thoughts, and deeds, his highest temple being his brain, his noblest monument his heart, his canopy the heaven, his carpet the earth, he is the spirit of the Fraternity, the realization of the dream of Philosophy, and not the sarcasm of the rich who fling to the brother some remnant of their excess; his poverty is a tent in the Temple of righteousness, and reason, for it has been constructed opposite the palace consecrated to the Golden Calf or the God of Mammon. The ideal of this pseudo masonry bought and sold by every one, is a pecuniary one, the ideal of the Masonry, as we do comprehended, is grand and sublime, in vain does envy attempt with his grinding teeth to demonstrate his glory and grandeur, rags with which it intends to cover the mud where in it always rolls. Hark ye! The sublime ideal of Masonry is constantly and gradually reduced to a society of mutual protection, constructors of gaudy temples”.                   

Well then! Ought they not assist and dignify the proletariate  and the labourer, the class on which all suspicious and contempts converge? For they have no right, no respect, for they only know to appreciate the iniquity of law, and the injustice of rights, landmarked and annoyed as the most abject being; there is a limit set to the profits of their daily income and labor, there is an obstruction placed in the way of the aspirations, an in umbrance on every path to their affectionate spirit of social imaginations.

Well then! Should we not endeavour to redeem this major part of the people leading a constant life of extreme tolerance, or more properly speaking, one of eternal slavery? Are we not from an economical as well as political stand point of view, bound to remove these difficulties?

Has Masonry already rejected and omitted the sentimental of this infinite desire for justice, this eternal impulse of progress, that we consider as the sole hope and guide of the oppressed ones.

Ay! Is it not North America that has the audacity to argue with so called evident reasoning.

“In vain have we submitted to and labored for the theory of protection, and the result was the accumulation of great capital in the hands of few, and still greater misery among the laborers; we shall now admit Free- Trade, and the result will beyond doubt be the same. WE are thereby induced to form a judgment, for do we not see it as clear as light? Even with the naked eye? Brace up honest labourer, and behold-, grasp, feel and exemine it; for it is the constant tear in the circle, blind folder running in all diverse directions, till whipped by the opressors into unconsciousness.

There is force in patience, power in courage; Let us at all times teach the path of liberty, let us demonstrate to the world at large the fallacy and deceitful arguments of his this economic system. Let us mathematically prove, that the fever does not originate in the Chemise; until they will awake from their long lasting sleep and be convinced, that the fundamental cause of our misery consists of that, that for every drop of honey we produce, there are thousands of idlers and vampires to consume it.”

And in order to demonstrate these truths we are well aided by the various political parties; is this the way and method to rescue a sinking ship on open sea?

Lo! Four years since the vaults of the National Treasury were menaced with total ruin by the gravity of the gold and silver they guarded, viz. : hundred millions of (pesos). Due to this great accumulation of wealth and revenue was the crisis we were menaced with, for such are the political and economical laws? Verily, verily, I say unto ye, the devil conducts us in the same manner, whether we have much or little. The wise government of Harrison and Blaine conducted with such celerity and promptness , that they succeeded within a period of four years only of wasting 100 millions, and to depart leaving behind them a deficit of 36 millions.  Furthermore! Was it not in the United States, the land, the seems to have dissolved all problems of life and  of the people, that the members of the Farmer’s Alliance besieged and solicited the government to abolish the National Banks? And to establish in different States sub-treasuries with a standard to lend money directly to the people with an interest not exceeding two per cent per annum on all agricultural products in a good condition on al property limited according to the equality of the ground; and loan solicited.

Why do we not endeavour to remedy these defects! We always have and still do pretend, that those who like us come in contact in every day life with all classes who sympathize with the poor and needy ones who feel the palpitation of their hopes behind our vaults; are well aware of the fact that reform in all institutions has become undispensable, an absolute necessity by virtue of propaganda and absolute force, for we are convinced, that through the application of the former we shall never realize the aim, we seek to obtain, and do therefore apply to our fellow men in behalf of humanity, for a remedy necessary to cure the defects of the fatherland, so that it be understood that we do not preach revolution, so indiscreetly proclaimed by the prattlers and outcryers; but on the contrary protect with splendid prestige the idea of revolution for we ought to know, that in this case, we do not have to deal with that class of people, accustomed to think, that all necessities of life may be covered by work, and that all horizons are open to and may be traversed by intelligence; where everything can be fearlessly established, where it never occurs as on this unfortunate earth, that at the bottom of this ruin and destruction leading to the path of revolution there are various interests, persuading us to patiently abide by this new idea, this new creed, this new institution, and see the same adopted by whole human gender.

Since the revolution is guided by the vast experience, by knowledge and by the absolute necessity of the time being, with this paralelism of causes of these rational and reformed, prudent but dreadful politics the aspect of everything varies, the tragic and insolent strife of these institutions, which urge the downfall and dawn of progress, will promote the generous and liberal battle of the democratic tendencies; all republicans, without fear or peril, will live to realize as the result of the various historical contests, the modern liberty the lawful emancipation, the marvellous product of this country, that constitutes the epic process of mankind, promoting the sacred cause of nationality; for whatever the definite result of these contests may be the right of the people the cause of democracy, the lawful sanctity of the Republic will under all conditions subsist, illuminating with their sovereign splendour, the citizens most active in the national area-; not in the interim of a civil or aggressive diplomacy where some seek to obtain political or social redemption, in the dispairing extremes of the revolution as is undispensable at the present time; while others through their eternal predomination over these despotic and dictatorial institutions seek to derive the satisfaction of their egotistic services; but in the febrile activity for the peace of free labor, and solemn protection of the glorious and inviolable Freedom and Right.

This being our earnest desire, for we have perfect reasons to believe that a Republic in Spain will be the peace of Europe, the gag of Sadova, Austerlitz and Sedan, the perspective of the slaughter yards, to be substituted by labor and fertility. It will became the ancient Spain, which from a naval as well as commercial standpoint of view will develop a life on both shores of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, such as there only prevailed and was governed by it long before Venice and England; it will became the blooming industry there where now dwells misery and famine; Cadiz will became equal to Southampton, Barcelona equal to Liverpool, Madrid equal to Paris. Portugal will be inclined and restored to Spain by the attraction of its light and prosperity, the production without tariff, the consume without tax, the circulation without impediment, the workshop without proletariates, riches without prejudice, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, law without deception, force without any existing army, fraternity without Cain, Cuba, Porto Rico, and Filjrinas will have equal rights and obligations like Cataluna or Galicia; there will be work for all, instruction for every one, and the scaffold for none.

Finally our sublime ideal will become the tangible.

A republic in Spain denotes: Honesty as the administrator, Truth, as the govorner, Liberty as the regent, on the horizon the intellectual light of truth, a promise for all a menace for evil.

Spain become the giant known as Right, which from its immense Baricadoes known as Pirinei will bring the oppressed ones on the path of righteousness. For not only does the political and economical situation compel and oblige us to eject the political strife sustained by the profane world, but the sublime social problem as well as the labor question do now preeminetly solicit our most earnest attention, for it is our candor not to be held responsible in the future, when the time comes to render account for the bequest and legacy, confided to us by our ancesters. It is a social problem, that can be best solved by means of due justice, in case we do desire to see the sentence pronounced by the leader of the liberal-party in England realized wherein he says:

The reconciliation is refused to us, and a demand will call on us such as can only be demonstrated by those whose hands are constantly covered with blood, which will hereafter divulge our disgrace to the world at large, but the rupture of the oppressors will prevail on the balance of eternal justice to the crimes of those oppressed.

We are of the opinion, that the labourer should enjoy the same prerogatives, that he has the same right to cultivate his mind, his intellect, to live where there is plenty of fresh air and sufficient light, that he be permitted to properly look after and take care of his wife, children and household in general; that those injured during work are fully entitled to due in demnity, that those who are totally disabled should be protected, as well taken care of.

It is also just and imperative, that minors should not be admittance into the work shop, so that their source of life may not be prematurely fatigued- ; that the hours of labor should be reduced, and shortened; that the residence of his family, if he has any, be at certain distance from the factory wherein he works; that they be instructed. That schools be established where they could learn to master the art they exercise, that proper steps should be taken to attain perfect hygiene, thorough cleanliness, in the workshop and sound sanitary measures in their dwelling places; that hospitals be established for the treatment and care of those rendered invalid through work as there are for those injured during the war.

There occur almost on every day life certain questions between capital and labor, frequently giving rise to a series of tumult, disturbing more or less the peace of the society, retarding the product of riches, and aggravating in general the condition of misery of the laborers, on whom they very often impose too hard and stubborn sacrifices.

These awful strikes, a certain form f war, are subsisting with full knowledge of the government, in spite of the tribunal and existing laws; by which they are unjustly punished; why should these judges of force not be replaced by those of justice? Why should there not be established assemblies consisting of capitalists and laborers, as well as a Labor Exchange?

On the other hand we fully appreciate how much the solution of these problems would be facilitated, were we able to elevate by degrees the proletariate to the position of proprietor. In order to attain this aim, it is desirable and imperative, that his rent be reduced, redeemable in parts, that National estates should be made free, and that public be confided to and placed in the hands of an essential well constituted association. For we do well know, how inefficient these measures will be, unless the inexhaustible fountain of credit be opened unto them, all obstacles removed.

Moreover we desire a thorough reform of the emission and discount banking houses, this may be an insolent reform, but just for it is no more than right, that the profits derived by the above named institutions, should under all circumstances and conditions, become a privilege granted in favour and to the advantage of the productor and not the banker. Considering the fact, that property from an individual as well as social stand point of view, ever was and always will be subordinate to the great interests of mankind, we deem it proper to counterbluff and resist the crescent inequality of richess, that the laws of lease and house renting be ameliorated, that fiscal measures be taken to increase the census of the owners of plantations and real estate; that we favour the generalization of the system of mortmain of capital, the inalienation of property, through simultaneous payment of interest and capital; that great homage; increased tribute be imposed upon the transfer of gratis title, that penal fines be aboliseed, for it leades to social inequality, for we do well know who has to sustain and suffer the rigor of these punishments.

Hark ye! This is not the work of a day or even a year; but the successive evolution  of times, for these reforms are to take effect in proportion of the necessities of the people.

Such is the object and aim we seek to obtain through our labor notwithstanding that we are accused of not executing our precepts; if so, what then is the ideal of Masonry?

Nay! Masonry is not a society without any proper physiognomy, without any well determined object in view, incoherent and confused, as falsely represented by all organized bodies in general: Masonry is that sublime capability of expansion which approximates men from all latitudes without any insidious distinction, which overtakes the extreme progress of science, the latest wonders of industry the last scintillation of art a manifest offer and dedication to the non productive populace, that form the world into a real cosmopolitan, into a perpetual fraternity; wherein there is serene life; a dream in every space, for the distance is the separation, an ideal, the eternal martyr, a salvation and redemption, the work; deity for it gives us peace. Masonry is everything, for it contains everything from the mysterious cell; the point of origin of idea to the irresistible expansion, the progress of the people; from the aspiration that confounds the zones, and amalgamates the diverse races, to the one wherein the spirits identify one another and hemispheres are annihilated.

Masonry is the earth without a limit the man without hatred, the admiration without envy, the right without distinction, the sentiment without passion, the progress without victim, and deity without idolatry.

It is for this reason , that we intend to float above the vaults of our temple, not the colours of different nationalities, but the blue sky, the common pavilion of the fraternity, the national colours of the people, hoisted by the mysterious and divine hand of the Grand Architect of the Universe to float from Genesis to Apocalipsis above the earth, our beloved Mother, the irrenounsable country of man, the cradle and grave of mankind.

The actual civilization of the presentis distinguished and characterized by the importance of the propagation of these ideas.

We who reason, that Masonry is the religion of the oppressed ones; the religion of those who hope to be redeemed and saved from the political, social, and economical slavery; we who have hoisted this banner, impulsed by the expansive force of the idea, right, and justice, will travel wherever the individual or collective will, our thoughts, our vocation, ( for virtue possesses a vocation greater, more imperative than the power of richess) will conduct us, where our main aid will be solicited.

Hark ye! Who command and govern everything at this moment, but live without any ideal.

Human discipline, so much necessary for the progress as well as for the order of society, has undergone a radical change, and altered its basis and criterion.

The discipline of force, that should otherwise produce humble and faithful flocks, produces more or less rebels, and still worse, rebels with stubborn inconsiderate ideas of rebellion, who may be bent as a flexible junk before the expansive impulse of these ideas.

Hark ye! who consider us a humble and poor.

The origin of the modern civilization may be referred to and compared with the establishment of Christianity.

How was Christianity founded?

The origin of the Christianity among paganism and the propagation of its principles throughout all spheres of life was inconsiderate, and in conspicuous. Its priests and soothsayers, presided with the conspirators of political and military life of the empire, and on he altar of victory were consecrated the laurels of the fatherlands.

There was not the minutest particle existence of the Roman, that would not have been carried off by the influence of paganism and the same emperor, the omnipotent Cesar adorned himself with the pontificial tunic and received his highest authority through the ministers of the religion.

That religious creed was not a mere mode of worship; but a philosophic system of thinking, of comprehending the world, the explanation of nature, a national mode of life involving a magnificent esthetic, a splendour of artistic beauty.

The heathen religion through the word of its humble preachers made the most potent machine sink to the earth, and the new word of love and justice, traversing so many obstacles illuminated and enlightened the human conscience.

The religious reform, which produced freedom of conscience, freedom of though the English and French revolution of the last century which produce the suppression of slavery, the annihilation of feudalism, the repeated triumphs of the new gospel of democratic doctrines are power full reasons inviting the main attention of the grandees.

Ye, who have procured fame through wealth hark the sound of the trumpet declaring that war is gradually dying out:

Know that it would be satisfactory for us to behold the laurels of our banner disappear forever, and our blood spotted weapons tarnished by the dust of the battle field, no matter how horrid that imagination may appear, we are resolved to keep up this combat; for those who are chiefly interested, do not solve this problem, for if they could act accordingly the order would not be necessarily be divided into two groups, one of which would be the conquered.

The cause of the division and disharmony, that reigns in the order is a tremendious equivocation, and a enormous error.

Our first task is to abolish this error, and cause the same to vanish forever.

This error consists of that we suppose, that there exist antagonistic interests, and the equivocation in supposing, that the interests of one are essentially and radically the rivals of those of the other.

The creation of this fantastic antagonism of interests and ideas, gives rise to the antagonism of passion, the antagonism of race, rendering the cosmopolitan spirit of Masonry impossible, giving rise to certain animosities between Masons of distinct profane nationalities.

An antagonism, which impulses them to commit great errors, an antagonism for which the ones as well as the others are responsible.

Our order has but one object in view, the common interest of justice, love and human fraternity.

Only ignorance, blindness and hatred will prevent you from confessing, the same.

It is not necessary to inquire which part is legitimate or justifiable; it is this constant useless investigation, that aggregates our misery in common.

For our part, we do, as well seen, contest with full enthusiasm and vigor all errors and injustice, with a virility that signifies the supreme possession of ourselves, the perfect dominion and control of our passions, and evidently demonstrate though our calmness, the grandeur of justice that glitters on our banner the empire of our aspirations and virtues.

For this various reasons that we have herein exposed, and in order to avoid the anomalies that we have marked out, it is advisable and imperative, that an international Masonic Congress should take place, that all bodies of all rites on the globe be convened in order to dictate a Code of international laws and general statutes, which should essencially govern the distinct diverse powers; so that the antonomy of one or the other may be not be attacked or restrained.

As long as the idea will not be realized, Masonry will remain a mere chaos, and the relations of life a true problem (enigma)


May the grace of the S\A\ of the U\ be the all:

Madrid, April 8, 1893.

The Deputy Grand Master, Enrique Vera Gonzales

The Grand Orator, M. de Estado, Juan G. F. Carvajal

The Grand Marshal, Ramon Villaron y Arenas

The Grand Treasures, Ulpiano Gomez Perez

The Grand Chamberlain, Antonio T. Moncasi

The Grand Herald, Manuel N. D’Bocha

The Grand Secretary, Isidro Villarin del Villar

The Grand Chancellor, Emilio J.M. Nogues

V° B°

The Sovereign General Grand Master, E. P. de G. Marques V. de Santa Marta

Correspondence may be addressed to Espana

Secretaria General del Gran Consejo Iberico, D. Isidro Villarino Luzon

4 Duplicado, Madrid.

Masonic Bodies or individuals considering it worth while to admit or contest our reasoning may kindly apply to – Spain, Grand Secretary of the Grand Consejo Iberico, D. Isidro Villarino Luzon, 4 Duplicado, Madrid.      



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