Roumania - The Following Notes have been supplied by V\ I\ Bro\ I. T. Ullic. (Lt.Col.)….(Translated from the French.)

1805/6 – Prince Constantin Maruzi of Moldavia, R.W.M. of the Lodge of  JAssy, (Scottish Rite, under  the Obedience of Italy), on the occasion of a visitit to Constantinople received also initiation into the Rite of Memphis with all the members of his suite.

1807- On his return to his own country he founded a Memphis Lodge at Jassy under the Obedience of Constantinople …………. We  posses the original banner. 

1808- General Cicianof, as Russian Governor, who was at Jassy with his troops of occupation, ordered the closure of Masonic Lodges in Moldavia and, consequently, that of Memphis.

1811- Marquis Visternic Tardeche Roset Rossnovani reopened the Memphis Lodge.

1825- Another Lodge was founded in Bucharest.

1865- In consequence of the destruction by fire of the Steana Dunarei Lodge, part of its members were affiliated to the Memphis Lodge.

1880- The Grand National Lodge of Roumania was founded. A part of these (sic) members had affiliated themselves, but the Memphis Lodge of Bucharest and Jassy remained isolated, owing to their being under the Obedience of Italy.

1882- Ill\ Bro\ Com\ Constantin Morain obtained authorisation from Italy for the two Memphis Lodges to be attached to the National Grand Lodge of Roumania . A separate section of the Memphis Rites was then formed.

1892- Ill\ Bro\ Com\ Constantin Morain was appointed Grand Hierophant (for Roumania) and decorated, at the same time, with the Grand Star of Sirius, by the Sov. Sanct\ of Italy. ( We posses all the correspondence).

1911- Ill\ Bro\ Com\ Gr\ Master, Gr\ Hierophant Constantin Morain 33\ 90\ 97\ Being, on account of his age (77 years), tired of Masonic activity, decided to split up the National Grand Lodge of  Roumania into two sections, reserving for himself the post of Sovereign Pontiff in our country. Consequently:

“(a) by the unanimous votes of the Supr\ Council\ 33\; Ill\ Bro\ Gheorge Bibescu was elected Grand Master for the Scottish, French, Royal Arch and Swedenborg Rites, in the National Grand Lodge of Roumania:

(b) by the unanimous votes of the Roumanian Sover\ Sanct\ of Memphis, Lt. Col. I. T. Ulic 33\ 90\ 96\ was  elected Grand Hierophant 97\ In the National Grand Lodge of Roumania. ( I posses a diploma in which it is mentioned that I am his Masonic heir in the Rite of Memphis. I have all the correspondences, all the archives, all the jewels, all the ornaments, all the treasures of the Rites of Memphis in our country.)

The Rite of Memphis was in full activity up to the 15th August, 1916, when all the Lodges in our country were closed, owing to the great world events which occurred.

After the war only the Scottish Rite Lodges were reopened, whereas those of Memphis are still closed.”

(Signed) The Ex. Gr\ Hierophant

(In Romania)

Lt. Col. I.T. Ulic.




 Extracts from “THE KNEPH”, a Quarterly Masonic Journal, started in 1880 as the Organ of the Ancient and Primitive Rite in the United Kingdom.


FEBRUARY, 1884                               

Page 109- Romania.

Masonry in Romania consists of the following sections:

1-    The Grand Lodge National- constituted September 8/20th, 1881.

2-    The Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rites of Memphis and Mizraim- constituted June 12/24th 1881.

3-    The Supreme Grand Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite- constituted September 8/20th, 1881.

4-    The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons- constituted November 8th, 1882.

5-    The Grand Lodge and Temple of the Swedenborgian Rite- constituted March 10/22, 1883.

It will be noted, therefore, that there are five distinct Masonic powers existing in Romania- each of which I have been elected and installed Grand Master, or Grand Commander, as the case may be.  

With regard of the Supreme Rite of Memphis, that order was introduced into Roumania in 1760 under another name and in a Lodge of twenty-five degrees, called “L’Etoile Danubienne”, (Star of the Danube)which afterwards, in 1839, adopted the full Rite of Memphis with ninety-six degrees, and was publicly constituted in 1849 by Ill\ Bro\ Marconis and Moutet, which constitution exists up to the present day as the basis of the Sovereign Sanctuary of Romania. Among the Masons who had supported and belonged to this Rite were my uncle, C.D. Moriou, my father, M. Moriou, and the great Roumanian litterateur, L. Hildade Radulesco; also, Georgas Filipesco, Constantines Crescano, Bure, and many other distinguished characters of 1848, whose Masonic charters and diplomas, having been found during the revolutions of that period in the possession of Ill\Bro\L. H. Radulesco, were burnt by the Russians, who then occupied the territory. My father, under dread of arrest, destroyed his diplomas, etc., as did many others during that disastrous and terrible time.

In 1857, after Romania was restored to liberty of action, the Grand Lodge of Romania was organised; and in 1861, Brother Marconis, in his Rameau d’Or, page 34, makes mention of this Supreme Body. In 1865 our Grand Lodge was burnt by order of Prince Couza, who was opposed to us and, dreading the Masons, commanded al their acts to be burnt: nothing, therefore, was preserved but or traditions which we have carefully cherished. From 1873 to 1877, I assisted by comrades, re-established several Masonic Bodies, and again revived the Mother Lodge L’Etoile Danubienne – (C. Moriou, in Canadian Craftsman).

(In reprinting this interesting letter, we would point out that the 25 degrees introduced into Romania in 1760 could only be one of the forerunners of the Rite of Memphis – probably the Rite of Perfection - as Egyptian Masonry was not organized until 1798 by Bounaparte and the French army. Other particulars of the above we can confirm, and on turning to our own “History”, page 16, we find it stated in 1864, that the Brother’s Georgas Filipesco and Constantine Crescano had been rewarded with the Alidee. - Editor).



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