Towards 1814 the brother Samuele Honis introduced the Rite of Memphis in France. The first Lodge was founded by him on Montauban the 30 of April of 1815 and by the Brothers Gabrielle Matteo Marconis de Negre, Baron Dumas, Marquis de Laroque and Hipolito Labrunie.  This Lodge was constituted under the distinguishing title of the Disciples of Memphis, the 23 of May of that year.

1816 –January 21st, Ill\ Bro\ Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre, one of the founders of the Grand Lodge at Montauban in 1815, receives the title of Grand Hierophant.

1838 - March 21st; Bro\Jean Etienne Marconis de Negre a literary man, born at Montauban, January 3rd, 1795 – son of that Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre – revives the Memphis Rite with Osiris Lodge in Brussels and, on the 7th of July, is elected Grand Hierophant by the members composing that Masonic Lodge.

The list of its members was the following:

Marconis Letrillard, employe, rue St-Martin, 267

Marconis DeNegre, rentier, rue du Jour, 11

Lebelle, Md. Passementier, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, 6

Houille (Pierre), passementier, rue de Tracy, 12

Delcourt (Antoine) , employe, rue Tiquetonne, 14

Schaffenr (August), employe, rue du Jour 11

Lalande (Henri), rentier, rue du Jour, 11

Verron, marchand, rue des Deux-Boules, 3

Houille (Eugene), passementier, rue de la Cossonnerie, 14

Roger (Adrien), loueur de voitures, Grande rue de Vaugirard, 20

Burnet (Joachim), loueur de voitures, Grande rue de Vaugirard, 20

Roche, marchand, rue des Rosiers, 20

Courtant (Paul), chef d’Hotel, rueSt-Dominique, 59

Delcourt-Aubert, employe, rue Trainee-St-Eustache, 14

Letrillard, rentier, Grande rue de Vaugirard, 23 Clemant, marchand, passage Ste-Marie, 8

Delagarde, Md. Bottier, rue St-Denis, 340

Fauvau, marchand, rue du Jour, 13

Burg, Md. Tailleur, passage Ste-Marie, 8

Pichon, professeur, rue du Jour, 11

Unternaher, peintre, avenue de Breteuil, 9

Venderdoot, inspecteur-general dês messageries.

Guichon, Md. Boutonnier, rue de M. le Prince, 23

Guichon (Louis), Md. Tailleur, rue Bourbon-Ville-Neuve, 39

Durassier, Md. Tailleur, rue Mazarine, 68

Michel, Md. Tailleur, rue Mazarine, 68

Milla (Jean ), marchand, passage Ste-Marie, 8

Maynaud, employe, rue Fromenteau, 14

Bachain (Henri), rue de Louvois, 4

Dadigne (Louis), rue Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois, 28

Hutin (Philippe), employe, rue du Chevalier-du-Guet, 10

Rueaux, directour, a la administration des messageries generales, rue St-Honore, 130

Miniscloux, employe, rue du Jour, 4

Jardin (Louis), employe, rue Cloitre Saint-Merri, 1

Silvain, medecin, rue del’Ecole, 4

Bernie (Albert), employe, rue Montmartre, 60

Delacombe (Victor), negoiant, rue du Bac, 58

Lalande (Jean), Md. Epicier, rue Lafitte, 36

Brout, (Antoine), Md. Epicier, rue Lafitte, 36

Rabochon (francoise), marchand, rue Mazarine, 68

Josset (Napoleon), Md. Chapelier, rue Bourtibourg.

Resavoi, proprietaire, rue de la Paix, a Clichy

Fourmestrau (Louis), employer, rue Tiquetonne, 14

Hurel (Jean-Baptiste), professeur, rue St.-Jean-de-Beauvrais.

Dusable, employe, rue Montmartre, 63

Pigault, marchand, rue Bourtibourg, 11

Marix, Md., negociant, passage des Panoramas, 20 et 47

Espiad, Md. Chapelier, rue Bourtibourg, 11

Levaseur, marchand, rue de la Verrerie, 2

Cauvin, employe, rue du Faubourg St-Denis, 9

Cathelin, employe, rue Pavee-St-Andre-desArts, 12

Leyat, Md. Tailleur, rue Neuve-St-Eustache, 18


The Lodge "La Bienveillance" was founded by the Brothers Wittebole, jeweler to the King;

Vandelaer, Employee of Court of Accounts;

G. Lits, Agent; Delparte, Proprietor;

George Feltmans, Gloden, Secretary of the Royal Academy of Music; J. Polls, Rentier, etc…,

Installed at Brussels, March 21St, 1838, by Bro. J. Et. Marconis.

On the 25th September, 1838, was held the first assembly of the Supreme Power of the Order, it was proclaimed the 5th October of the same year, and the Grand Hierophant installed the three Councils, which the Rite then possessed under the denomination of Sanctuary of Memphis, Mystic Temple, Sovereign Grand Council Administrative. (2)

The Sanctuary of Memphis, 93rd Degree, was composed of a Grand Hierophant and of six Patriarch Conservators of the Order, nominated for seven years.

The Sanctuary is charged with the general government: to it belongs the right of constituting Lodges, Chapters, Areopagus, Senates, Consistories, and Councils, and the direction of their labours.

Note :
(1). See the Patent at the house of Bro
\ Marconis.
(2). See the Statutes General of the Order.

Members of the Sanctuary of Memphis

1. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Marconis, Man of letters, Hierophant Supreme Chief, 95th and last degree.
2. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Delapline, ex-Surgeon of Marine, Grand Chancellor.
3. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Audibert, M.D., Member of the Institute, Sublime Odos, Chief of the Scientific Section.
4. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Moutet, Man of letters, Sublime Edda (Sec. Genl.) Interpreter of the Traditions.
5. The Thrice ILL. Bro. the Baron de Poederle, Rentier, Sublime Vacie, Conservator of Rites.
6. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Laroussie, Rentier, Member of Legion of Honor, Sublime Pliste, Interpreter of Hieroglyphics, Symbols, Emblems, and Allegories.
7. The Thrice Ill. Bro. Morison de Greenfield, Physician to H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex, Sublime Pampylach, Grand Inspector General of the Order.

The Mystic Temple of Sublime Catechists of the Order is composed of a Grand Master, and six Grand Officers called Philosophers, appointed by the Sanctuary for five years; it is employed in watching over the instruction, and to develop the dogmatical, moral, scientific, mystic, and transcendent part of Freemasonry, forming an exposition of the esoterism of the high mysteries.


Members of the Mystic Temple, 92

1. Henry de Payen, Man of letters, Grand Master, President.

2. Auguste Amic, Man of letters, Sublime Bard, (Orator).

3. J. Rousseau, Captain d'Etat Major, Member Legion of Honour, Sublime Annalist.

4. The Baron de Braunecker, Annuitant, Sublime Ized, Catechist of the Order.

5. Honore Gazay, Member of the Legion of Honour, Messenger of Science.

6. J. Labreau, Chef du Batallion en retrait, Mem. Legion of Honour, Sublime Hieroceryx, (Guardian of Sacred Things).

7. Villante de Laforet, Sublime Saronide, Philanthrophist.

Sovereign Grand Council of Inspector Regulators of the Order, 91st

The Sovereign Grand Council is composed of seven members, a President and six dignitary Officers for five years: it is employed in the administration of the Order, and in the supervision of Lodges owing obedience to the Masonic Rite of Memphis.

Members of the Sovereign Grand Council

1. The Thrice ILL\ Bro\ Moreau, Member of the Legion of Honour, Annuitant, Sublime Dai, President.

2. J. B. Fabre, Annuitant, Sublime Zerdust, (Orator.)

3. Lamerliere, Man of letters, Sublime Hierotolista, (Secretary.)

4. George Feltmans, Sublime Thabon, (Verifier).

5. Theodore Pons, Annuitant, Cistophore, (Archivist).

6. Henaud d'Augy, Proprietor, Sublime Lamas, (Inspector Regulator).

7. J. Ruaux, Annuitant, Sublime Cubage, (Administrator).

All decisions emanating from the Supreme Council are only authoritative when confirmed with the Seal of the Grand Hierophant and vised by the Grand Chancellor of the Order.


1839 – The Regalement of the Lodge D’Osiris are published.

The movement spreads and is introduced as a system of 95 degrees into Paris, where the Lodge Disciples of Memphis, originally started at Montauban, is revived. It is said that the Rite of Memphis was worked in Romania in this year, but from notes sent by correspondent (Appendix No VII) it would appear that it had been brought to Romania from Constantinople as far back as the year 1815 – 1816.

The Lodge "De Osiris," founded at the Orient of Paris, 11 Rue de Jour, by the Bro.

Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre, rentier;

Eugene Houille, Agent;

Antoine Delcour, Clerk;

Ruaux, Manager of Lafitte & Galliard;

Louis Deligne, Agent;

Silvain, M.D.;

De Lacombe;

Napoleon Josset ;

Hurel, Professor;

Vanderdote, Prof. Gen. of the Messageries;

Roy, M.D.;

Alphonse Letrillard, Clerk,


Installed the 21St June, 1838, at the Prado, and in 1839 published its tableau composed of 54 members.


The Chapterial Lodge "De Heliopolis," was founded at the Orient of Brussels by the Bro.

Francois Kaekenbeeck, Rentier;

Corbisier, Clerk;

Ch. Pichler, Artist;

Pierre Mutel, Clerk;

Ant. Adam, M.D.;


Van Laethem; the General Melinet, etc…,

Installed by Bro. Delacour, Representative of the Order, Dec. 6th, 1839. A part of their archives have been deposited in the Grand Orient of France.


The Lodge of the "Disciples of Memphis" 

(originally founded at Montauban, 70 Rue La Capelle, the 30th April, 1815, by the Bro.

Samuel Honis of Cairo;

Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre;

Baron Dumas;

Marquis de Laroque;

Hippolyte Labrunie ;

J. Petit, etc.;

Constituted the 23rd May of the same year, and declared asleep March 7th, 1816, a portion of this lodge started afresh under the Grand Orient of France in 1826) revived its working at the Orient of Paris, the 21St March, 1839, and was installed in the Temple of the Rue Grenelle Saint Honore by the :

Bro. Jacques Etienne Marconis, Man of letters, born at Montauban, the 3rd January, 1795;

Napoleon Moutet, Man of letters; Henry de Payan, Rentier;

Audibert, M.D., Professor and Member of the Institute;

Honore Gazay, Member of the Legion of Honour;

Baron Adolphe de Poederle;

Morison de Greenfield;

Auguste Amic, Ilan of letters;

Henault d'Augy;

Boire Massener; de Lamerliere, Man of letters;

Justin Rousseau, Member of the Legion of Honour;

Delapline, M.D. (Medal of Honour);

Moreau, Cap. d'etat Major,

Member of the Legion of Honour;

Larousie, Member of the Legion of Honour;

Leon d'Abrantes Man of letters, etc...


The Chapter Lodge The Philadelphes is founded by the Brothers Audibert, Doctor of Medicine, professor, member of the Institute, the Baron de Poederlet et Delaplane, where installed in the Valley of Paris.

J. Etiene Marconis;

Adrien Roger;

d' Chavigny;

J. Bap. Fabre;

Aug. Forfilier;

Gay, Member of the Legion of Honour;

the Baron de Braunecker;

Aug. Garnier;

Alexander Milan;

de Heneau;

Charles Saulnier;

Hippolyte Rivernon, Professor;

Theodore Pons, Rentier;

Frederick Grantigein;

Joachim Burnet;

Pichon, Professor;

Alph. Labelle;

Auguste Schaffesner;

Courserand, M.D.;

Armant; Juspart, Professor;

Gruinier, Member of the Legion of Honor;

Installed in the Temple of the Rue de Grenelle St. Honore, the 21St May, 1839.


The Lodge Bienfaisance, installed on the 21st November de 1839 and the Lodge Sages d’Heliopolis, 29 of February 1840, founded by the Brothers Viterbols, goldsmith of H.R.H. the King of Holland, Glaudin, secretary of the Academy and of Mesmakeir, banker, the Lodges where installed in the Orient of Brussels.

The Chapterial Lodge "De Heliopolis," was founded at the Orient of Brussels by the Bro.

Francois Kaekenbeeck, Rentier;

Corbisier, Clerk;

Ch. Pichler, Artist;

Pierre Mutel, Clerk;

Ant. Adam, M.D.;


Van Laethem; the General Melinet, etc.,

Installed by Bro. Delacour, Representative of the Order, Dec. 6th, 1839. A part of their archives have been deposited in the Grand Orient of France.


1840 – Publication of “Le Hierophant” a complete explanation of Masonic Mysteries, by J.G. Marconis and E.M. Mouttar. (Paris 1840, Class. Bibl. No 2083.)

And he published in this same year the Organic Statues and the General Regalement of the Rite.


The Respectable Lodge Knights of Palestine, founded by the Brothers Roux, man of means, Dumas, secretary general of the Perfecture et Durbec, ship owner, was installed in the Orient of Marseille the 30th December 1840.

Roux, proprietor;

Dumas, Secretary General to the Prefecture ;

Moses, Agent;

Engene Mayer, Clerk;

Darbec, Armateur;

Pisarello, Artist;

Decugis, Agent;

Molinard, Agent;

Estienne, Agent;

Auguste Verron, Clerk;

Francois Coquet, Merchant;

A. Burg, Merchant Tailor;

1841 – 25th of February, at the instigation of the rival Mizraim Rite, The Grand Hierophant receive orders from the Chief of Police to close his Lodges. 21st of May the Grand Hierophant declares the Rite in French territory asleep.

1842-1843 - After constituting a Mystic Temple of members to take charge of the Archives, to Governing Body of the Order becomes dormant in France.

1843 - In this year there were Lodges and Representative Councils functioning in England, America, Smyrna and Buenos Aires, and also in Romania. (Appendix No1)

1848 – On March 5 “after 7 years sleep” the Rite resumes its work in Paris France with a new reorganizations.

The Lodge Chapitrale des Sectateurs de Menes, founded by the Brothers Benjamin Netter, artist and painter, J. Rousseau, captain, member of the Legion of Honour and the Baron of Brounecker, was Installed in the valley of Paris the 21 of May 1848.


The Chapterial Lodge "Les Lectateurs des Menes" was founded by the Bro.: Netter;

Theofile Dubois, Clerk ;

Felix Lebrun, Annuitant;

Rosas, Barrister;

Henry Hadancourt, Merchant;

Victor Durban, Clerk;

Prosper Soulent, Clerk;

Joseph Dauphin, Lemonadier;

Auguste Marie Tauriac, Captain en retraite;

Francois Richois, Annuitant;

Auguste Laurillard, Watchmaker;

J. Collet, Dealer in Bronzes;

Of several old members of the Supreme Council of the Order having compelled a new organization, it may be useful to make Known their names. 

The Mystic TEMPLE, 95th and last Degree of the Order, is composed of a Grand Hierophant, named for life, and of the six Patriarchs to wit:

1. The Grand Hierophant, J. Et. Marconis, Man of letters.

2. P. Grand Chancellor, Henry Delapline.

3. P. Chief of the Scientific Section, Ferdinand Moreau, Annuitant, Member Legion Honour

4. P. Interpreter of Traditions, Justin Rousseau, Rentier, Mem. Leg. Hon.

5. P. Conservator of the Rites, The Baron de Poederle, Rentier.

6. P. Chief of the Mystic Section, Esprit Hubert, old Councillor of Prefecture.

7. P. Grand Inspector of Catechists of the Order, Mensa de Villa, Capt. d' Etat Major, Commander of the Order of Malta.

All science and light emanates from the Mystic Temple.

The Sanctuary of Memphis governs the Order and is composed of a Grand Master and six Patriarchs, 95th.

1. The Sublime Dai (President) Jean Auguste Gabriel Gustave de Peterson, Rentier.

2. The P. Sublime Odos (Orator) Benjamin Netter.

3. The P. Sublime Edda (Secretary) Eugene Lelabourer, Rentier.

4. The P. Sublime Zacoris (Treasurer) P. J. B. Joubert, Employe comptable.

5. The P. Sublime Legislateur, J. Maillard, Advocate.

6. The P. Sublime Guardian of Seals, &c., H., Pradel, Rentier.

7. The P. Sublime Inspector Regulator General, J. Merle, Man of letters.

To the Sanctuary belongs the sole right of constituting the working bodies of the Rite of Memphis, and of directing their labours.

The Sovereign Grand Council General Administrative of the Order is composed of a President and six Dignitaries, Princes of Memphis, 94th to wit:

1. The President, The Thrice Ill. Bro. Eugene de Lamerliere.

2. The Annalist, J. B. Fabre, Employe Comptable.

3. The Administrator J. Et. Hilarion Silvestre, Insurance Director.
4. The Verificator Tondeur, Man of letters.
5. The Treasurer Saunier, Proprieter.
6. The Archivist (Guardian of Seals) Thrice Ill. Bro. Michaux.
7. The Inspector Verificator Emile Genevoix Pharmacist.
The Chapterial and Areopagite Lodge "The Disciples of Memphis," recommenced work at the East of Paris the 21St April, 1848, and the Chapter presided over by the Ill. Bro. Harant Gazard was reinstalled the 29th of the same month. The Philosophical Grand Chapter was comprised at this period of 45 members to wiht: 


Harant Gazard,

Eugene Daroux,

Henry Lefore, Chapelet,

Hippolyte Bard,

Prosper Jammes,


Baptiste Vignier,

Nicholas Adam Picard,

Jacques Bounardel,

Louis Florian Derecusson,  

Eugene Garnier,

Tony Merlanchon,

German Sourdery,

Louis Perrin,

Desire Rivel,

Charles Saulnier,

Baptiste Roux,

Hippolyte Riveron,

J. Collet,

Leon Jaybert,

Emmanuel Mayer,

Paul Verdier, Michel Muller, Narcisse Frangois Allen, Adolphe de Heneau,

Auguste Leflis,

Auguste Langlois,

Pierre Frassines,

Jean Baptiste Coquet,

Pancere de Chavigny,

Desire Reither,

Auguste Morizot,

Adolphe Layssard,

Floquet, (Advocate)

The  Baron Eugene Guillemot,

Joseph Edmond Riess,

Jean Antoine Dutrois,

Pierre Francois Morel,

Adolphe Voeumard,

Auguste Coquerele,

Achille Fiengon,

Auguste Augier,

Pierre Auguste Cathelaine de Brotonne, (Lawyer).

This Chapter is placed at the summit of the Lodge Hierarchy; it personifies in some sort the sacerdotal part of the Order, and possesses in its Golden Book Mysterious Symbols and Arcana unknown to the greater part of the Initiates. Its principal mission consists in the study of the religious myths of the different ages of humanity, and in the most arduous investigation of all that belongs to Theosophy and high philosophy. Depositary of the holy doctrine, it is still further charged with the development of the dogmatical and moral part, for the instruction of the Lodge, and the edification of the brethren.



1849 – Publication of the General Statutes of the Order, with a portrait of the Grand Hierophant, “Le Sanctuaire” de Memphis par Jacques-Etienne Marconis de Negre (Bruger, 259 Rue St. Martin)”.


The Order is here regulated by five Supreme Councils as follows:

1. The Sovereign Sanctuary, where is found the Venerated Ark of the Traditions.

2. The Mystic Temple, Grand Empire of the Sov. Princes of Memphis.

3. The Liturgical College, the name expressing its object.

4. The Sovereign Grand Consistory General of the Sublime Princes of Masonry.

5. The Supreme Grand Tribunal of Grand Defenders of the Order.


1850 – The Chapter Lodge and Aeropague The Disciples of Memphis, was founded by the Brothers Jacques-Etienne Marconis, man of letters, F. Moreau, captain of the Etat-Major, member of the Legion of Honour, Maillard,  lawyer, was installed in the Valley of Paris  the 27 of July and the Lodge Philadelphes was installed the 21st September.


1851 – The Council of the Sublime Masters of the Great Work, was installed in the valley of Paris the 15 of April 1851.This Council was composed by the Brothers Morizot, professor, 90th Degree, Guimier, knight of the Legion of Honour, 90th Degree, Floquet, lawyer, 90th degree, Fournier, surgeon of the navy, 90th degree, De Bretonne, avoue, 90th degree, Baron Guillemot, 90th degree, De Peterson, Director of the Society of Insurance of the high commerce of France, 95th degree, Silvestre, Director General of the Society of Insurance of High Commerce of France, 95th degree, Deschevaux-Dumesnil, Director de la Magazine, Le Franc-Mason, etc…

The Rite is again suppressed in France, and the Grand Hierophant declares the Rite dormant on the 21st December, but the Rite continues to live in England being the Grand Master in London Bro\ Berjean.

1853 – The Rite is revived in France. Publication of an article “Le Soleil Mystique”, by the Hierophant Marconis, in the Journal de la Maconnerie Universelle.

1854 – November, publication of the official magazine of the Rite “Le Temple Mystique, Revue de la Franc-Maçonnerie”.

1856 – The Rite is re-established in Egypt and established in the United States of America, Romania, Australia and Switzerland. Illustrious Brother Marconis de Negre, in person, established the first organization of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis in New York City, November 9, 1856, under the name and title of  " A Supreme Council, Sublime Masters of the Great Work 90° " and in 1860 it included over one hundred Past Masters of the Blue Lodge under the rule of Illustrious Brother David Mac Clellan.

In 1856 Baron Othon de Braunecker was an active member of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis in France.

From 1856 to 1899 the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis participated in various stages of progress and prosperity, admitting many of the M\W\Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of New York and many of the most influential Masons of the day who were the recognized and leading authorities in the other Masonic Rites to its ranks, who be came enthusiastic officers of the Chapters, Senate, Councils, Mystic Temples, and Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis.

1857 – 1st March Ill\ and En\ Bro\ Marconis de Negre organized a “Sovereign Grand Council General, 94th Degree, with Ill\ Bro\ David MacLellan, 95th as Sovereign Grand Master.

1860 – Publication of the Pantheon Maconique by Jacques-Etienne Marconis.

1861 - April the 27th, The Sov\ Grand Master, David Mac Clellan, being Major of the 79 Regiment. National Guard State of New York, being ordered to the seat of war, resigned and appointed his successor in office, Who On June 29th received from the Grand Hierophant a Charter, vise'd and sealed by the Grand Orient, for a Sovereign Sanctuary in and for the Continent of America, together-with all the prerogatives, rights, and dignities thereunto belonging and attached.

1862 – In Europe the Rite joins the Grand Orient of France and an agreement is promulgated establishing the corresponding values of the Memphis degrees with those of the Rite of Mizraim, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish and other Rites recognized by the Grand Orient of France. The high degrees are conferred, or ratified, by the Grand Council of Rites attached to the Grand Orient of France.

June, Ill Bro Seymour visits Glasgow, Scotland “he found thr Rite in a prosperous condition, under the administration of Ill Bro Donald Campbell.  

In July the Grand Hierophant issues a Charter constituting in the U.S. of America a Sovereign Sanctuary of 95th degrees and, on the 3rd September following, the Charter is countersigned by the Grand Orient of France.

On the 7th of November of this year the Sovereign Sanctuary of America Summon his first meeting. The Sovereign Sanctuary of Memphis becomes the only high degree Masonic body in America to have a Charter of origin and the only regular body of high masonry recognized by the Regular Masonic powers of the time.


1863 – JACQUES-ETIENNE MARCONIS publishes, Le Rameau d'or d'Eleusis Chez l'auteur rue de Bondy. 1863. L'histoire abrégée de la Maçonnerie, son origine ses mystères, introduction dans les divers pays du monde, l'origine de tous les rites et les noms de leurs fondateurs, le tableau de toutes les grandes loges, le lieu ou elles sont établies, l'année de leur fondation, le rite qu'elle professe, le nom de tous les Grands maîtres qui les régissent, le nomùbre de cellees qui en relèvent, les 95 rituels de la maçonnerie renfermant toutes les connaissance des rites le plus universellemnt pratiqués etc

August, a dispensation was granted for Sesostris Senate, N° 2 of New York, located in Brooklyn USA.

November, The Illustrious Patriarchs, Sovereign Grand Conservators of the Rite, constituting the Sovereign Sanctuary of Ancient and Primitive Freemasonry, in and for the Continent of America, being appointed, and duly convoked by the Most Ill. Sovereign Grand Conservator General, in accordance with the authority vested in him by Letters Patent granted him by the Executive Chiefs of the Rite, sitting at an East overlooking the Valley of Paris, France, on the 27st day of the Egyptian month Epeiph (answering to the 21ST day of July, 1862, and authenticated and registered as number 28,911 in the Great Book of Seals of the Grand Orient of France, on the 3 day of September, 1862.

Convoked in their Asylum, upon the 11 day of the Egyptian month Hathyr, in the year of True Light 000,000,000, answering to the 7 day of November, 1863 A.D. Approve the Constitution and General Statutes for the Government of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Freemasonry.


1864 – March, Ill\ Bro\ J.Q.A. Fellow of New Orleans, LA, was appointed Grand Master of the Light, Mystic Temple, 94th Degree, in and for the State of Louisiana, and made an honorary member of the Sovereign Sanctuary

Alpha Grand Council, S. M. G. N. 43 N° 1 Samothrace Senate, Hermetic Philosophers 42°; Gramercy Rose Croix Chapter 18°, bear the proud distinction of continued activity from the year 1865 to 1899.

1865 – General Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grand Master of the Grand  Orient of Italy, accepts in a letter from Caprera dated September 26th the nomination of Honorary Member of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the U.S. of  America.

Exchange of representatives between New York and:

(1)The Grand Orient of France, and

(2)        The Grand  Orient of Italy at Turin.


1866 – A proposal is made to found a Sovereign Sanctuary at Florence. The Rite is “re-established on a solid basis in Egypt”, writes the Grand Hierophant Marconis. (Appendix VIII, Extract 4).


1867 – An exchange of pledges of friendships takes place between the Italian Grand Orient at Florence and the Sovereign Sanctuary of Memphis at New York.

(See the Bolletino Ufficiale del Grande Oriente d’Italia, in Florence, of 21st, 1867.)

1868 – Death of Grand Hierophant Jacques-Etienne MARCONIS DE NéGRE.

1869 – The Sovereign Sanctuary of New York breaks off all relations with the Grand Orient of France until the latter shall have revoked a decree, of November 5th, 1868, which is considered by Symbolic Grand Lodge of Louisiana as an improper encroachment on its rights.

The Rite of Memphis leaves the Grand Orient of France and the Supreme Government of the Order is taken over to Egypt (see appendix VIII, Extract 5) with the Marquis de Beauregard as Head of the Rite).

1872 - 23rd February,the Sovereign Sanctuary of the USA installs a Sovereign Sanctuary for Great Britain and Ireland with Bro. John Yarker as Grand Master. The new British Sanctuary at once nominates General Garibaldi as Honorary Member.

Several Illustrious Brethren who had previously received the 95th  obtained a Charter for the establishment of a Sovereign Sanctuary in and for Great Britain and Ireland, with the Illustrious Brother, John Yarker, 33°,96°, as Grand Master General; in the same year many brethren, members of the Royal Council of Ancient Rites. Which met under H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex, Grand Master.

A Sovereign Sanctuary composed of the following members who constitute the same, was convened at Freemasons Hall, Manchester, under the Patent and Dispensation of the Sovereign Sanctuary.

ILL. Bro. John Yarker, 33 - 96 Patriarch Grand Conservator, (Honorary member of the Order in America) Sov. Grand Master General of the Sov. Sanctuary of Great Britain and Ireland, under letters Patent dated the 23rd February, 1872.

Ill. Bro. Michael Caspari, 33-95 P. Patriarch Grand Conservator, Grand Chancellor General.

Ill. Bro. Ab. David Loewenstark, 33-95 do. Grand Secretary General.

Ill. Bro. Patrick John Graham, M.A., LL.D., do. Grand Keeper of the Golden Book.

Ill. Bro. Samuel P. Leather, 33-95 do. Grand Treasurer General.

Ill. Bro. Charles Scott, J.P., 33-95 do. Grand Inspector General.

Dispensation were expedited for ILL. Bro. Patrick John Graham, Dublin, Ireland.


1873 – 10th of March, V\Ill\ Bro\Soluttore Avventore Zola becomes Grand Hierophant in Egypt.

1874 - The Jerusalem Chapter of Antiquity formally amalgamated with Palatine Chapter No. 2 and Senate No. 2 of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis, thus giving the Rite the prestige of time immemorial association in the United Kingdom.

2)  Very friendly relations are started between the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Sicily, at Palermo, and the Grand Orient of Egypt.

June, the Sovereign Sanctuary in and for the continent of America publishes  the Constitution and General Statutes for the Government of the Rite.

1st May, the American Sovereign Sanctuary informs that the Rite “has extended even to Chile, on the shores of the pacific”.

1876 – A Charter, is granted by the Grand Hierophant Zola to certain Brothers at Palermo, authorising them to found “when and as you may think fit, workshops (officine) of all the degrees” of the Memphis Order (Appendix III).

As a matter of fact the powers granted by this Charter were not formally exercised until June 15, 1890, and, in the meantime, the Rite was worked at Naples under a Charter granted in 1880, by the V\Ill\Bro\Yarker to V\Ill\ Bro\ G. Pessina of the Reformed Mizraim Rite, as we shall see later.

May 8th – The National Grand Orient of Egypt (Rite of Memphis) creates, with Brethren of its own a National Grand Lodge of Egypt.

July 18th – The Grand Lodge of England recognizes the National Grand Lodge of Egypt, on condition that the latter, per contra, do recognize the rights and privileges of the Lodges already working in Egypt under the English obedience.



My dear Sir & W. Brother,

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favours of the 29th April and 24th Ult. and beg now to inform you that the Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master the Earl of Carnarvon has decided to recognise the Grand Lodge of Egypt so far as the degrees of E.A.; F\C.; M.M.; are concerned, this decision being based upon the satisfactory report you have made.

It must of course be understood that the rights and privileges of the lodges, at present working under the English Constitution, are to be fully recognized and acknowledged by the Grand Lodge of Egypt; The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master does not consider any interchange of representatives necessary, as all business can be carried on between the regular Officers of each Grand Lodge.

I shall feel obliged if you will communicate the foregoing to the Grand Master of Egypt, and if you will favour me with his name and address, I will write him officially on the subject.

With many thanks for the attention and trouble you have given to and taken in this matter.

I am dear Sir and W. Brother

Yours fraternally

John Hervey G.S.


Raph. Borg Esqr.

Dy. Dist. G. Master Egypt

Per copia conforme

Cairo 28 Luglio 1876


Raph Borg

Luog\ G\ M\ pel Dist\ d'Egitto

Obb\ G\ L\ d'Inghilterra



The National Grand Lodge of Egypt confers on General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who accepts, the 95th Degree, electing him as Honorary Grand Master ad vitam (v. L’Egitto Massonico of October 25th, 1900)

In England Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie the famous author of the Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia was Supreme Grand Secretary of the Supreme Grand Council of the Rite of Memphis.

1877 – The National Grand Lodge of Egypt transfers its Headquarters from Alexandria to Cairo.

1879 – The National Grand Orient of Egypt (Rite of Memphis) comes to an agreement with the National Grand Lodge of Egypt by which the conferring of the first 3 symbolic or blue degrees is left to the latter.

The Grand Lodge then proclaims itself to be a Sovereign free and independent body.

1880 – The Sovereign Sanctuary for Great Britain and Ireland appoints as representative in Naples of the Ancient and Primitive Rite V\Ill\Bro\Giambatista Pessina, Grand Master of the Reformed Rite of Mizraim, of which General Giuseppe Garibaldi is the Honorary Grand Master.

An exchange of charters between the two Obediences takes place, at the same time. (v. the Kneph of May, 1884, page 125).


Guiseppe Garibaldi


1880- 1881 In Romania is established a Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis.

1881 – In September the Sovereign Sanctuary of the USA, Great Britain and Ireland, and Italy, Pessina elect General Guiseppe Garibaldi Grand Hierophant 97th and, in November Romania acquiesces; but Egypt refuses to recognize the legitimacy of such an election, claiming for Bro\G. A. Zola the direct succession, through the Marquis de Beauregard, from the Grand Hierophant Marconis de Negre, as head of the Order.

1882 – June 2nd, Death of Garibaldi. Pessina claims to succeed him as Grand Hierophant, but is only recognized by Canada (v. Kneph of May 1884). He then proceeds to fulminate and dissolve dissenting Sanctuaries until Yarker asks, in the Kneph, whence does he get authority to constitute and dissolve such bodies, seeing that his powers are limited to those granted to him by Yarker himself.

1883 – Professor Ferdinando Francesco Degli Oddi succeeds as Grand Hierophant in Egypt on the resignation of the G.A. Zola. And is recognized as such by the principal Sovereign Sanctuaries, in 1900 (see below).

6 April, Publication by S.A. Zola of the Sunto Storico sul Grande Oriente Nacionale D’Egitto ed abdicazione del Grand’Ierofante G\M\S.A. Zola.

30 May, G. B. Pessina in his residency Valle del Sabeto Naples, creates the Reformed Oriental Rite of Memphis and Mizraim and issues several other decrees.

1884 – The Memphis Rite is started in Bulgaria.

In the list of Representative in the Kneph of November 1884, we find: To Egypt – R\Ill\Bro\ Ferdinando Francesco Degli Oddi, F.S.Sc. 97, G\H\ Cairo – from Egypt – R\ Ill\Bro\Yarker 96 Vice G\H\for Europe, etc. etc.

1890 – June 15, A Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis is constituted at Palermo, under the Egyptian Charter of 1876, and V\ I\ Bro\ Salvatore Sottile 96th is elected Grand Master.

In Egypt a Supreme Council of the 33rd and last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, (already founded in 1864) is revived and joins the National Grand Orient of Egypt, which thus embraces and represents three independent orders working harmoniously together namely: the Memphis, the Symbolic, and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites.

1893 – A general confederation of Masonic Bodies is started in Italy in opposition to the authority of the Grand Orient at Rome.

1894 - In this year Lieutenant Colonel John Cromble, occupied the Position of Very Imperial Grand Master of the Directory of the High Masonic Degrees of the Rite of Memphis for Scotland.

1896 – A declaration is made by the Ex. Grand Hierophant S. A. Zola in regard to the title of Grand Hierophant claimed by G.B. Pessina in Naples, (v. Appendix N. IV)

1899 – The Grand Orient of Milan absorbs the General Italian Federation, remaining on friendly terms with the independent Rite of Memphis at Palermo, which issues a circular on June 20th

1900 March 26th – Death of Gr\M\Salvatore Sottile 96 at Palermo.

April 4th – Election of a new Sanctuary, Sovereign Grand Council General of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis, with Bro\ Salvatore Martorana 96 as Grand Master. The list of its members, together with an obituary notice regarding the deceased Grand Master Sottile, appears in the “Egitto Masonico”. Organ of the National Grand Orient of Egypt, May 31st 1900.

In the same number of the “Egitto Massonico” appears an interesting notice under the heading: Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis – World League, of which the following is an extract:

“The S\Grand Sanctuary of the USA sitting in NY; The S\G\S\of GB and Ireland with its dependent Sanctuaries in West Africa and New Zealand; These two ad their dependent Sanctuaries , who are friends and allies of the S\S\of France, Spain, Romania, and that of Italy and its dependencies sitting at Palermo; Have signed a treaty proclaiming to be universal effective Grand Hierophant as vitam V\Ill\Bro\Ferdinando Francesco Degli Oddi, who is Grand Master of the National Grand Orient of Egypt, Supreme Head of the Memphis Rite; an office which, during his life, was occupied by the never sufficiently lamented Bro\General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was at the time Honorary Grand Master ad vitam of the National Grand Orient of Egypt, as appears from his autograph letter to the V\Ill\ Grand Master F.F. Degli Oddi”

1901 – In Egypt a conflict between the National Grand Orient and the National Grand Lodge is ended by the acceptance of his nomination as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge by H.H. Prince Mohammed Ali Pasha, whose father the Khedive Mohammed Tewfik Pash I, and grandfather H.H. Ismail Pasha , had both been Freemasons.

November 21st – The Sovereign Sanctuary at Palermo accepts the resignation of the Grand Master Martorana and after conferring the 95th Degree on V\Ill\Bro\Comm\Paolo Figlia 33rd ex G\M\of the Italian Masonic Federation elects him as Grand Master of the Memphis Rite in Italy. V\Ill\Bro\and ex. G\M\Martorana is elected Assistant G\M\.

1902 – July 28th the Sovereign Sanctuary at Palermo resolves that the revered Rite of Memphis be maintained in full activity, but that its present Grand Patriarchs the sole legitimate successors of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Sicily do revive the same.

November 11th – John Yarker Vice G\H\for Europe assumes the title of Grand Hierophant. (see above 1884)

1903 – June 7, At Palermo the Grand Master Figlia at his own request, resigns in order to dedicate himself entirely to the AASR, and V\Ill\Bro\Benedetto Trigona succeeds him as G\M\of the Memphis Order in Italy.

1905 – The G\O\ of Milan unites with that of Rome and establishes its Headquarters in Rome. “The Order of Memphis with its Sovereign Grand Sanctuary in Palermo, preferred to maintain its longstanding autonomy and character as a Philosophic Rite outside the polemics which, in those days reacted from the outside world on the interior of Lodges “(v. Frosini, Massonneria Italiana e Tradizioni Iniziatiche.)

1906 – The Grand Master Trigona resigns his position as G\M\of the Rite of Memphis in Italy and, as no successor is elected, the Order gradually becomes dormant.

1908     - January 18th, V\Ill\Bro\Villarino de Villar of Sapin grants to V\Ill\Bro\Eduardo Frosini a “Carta di Gran Delega” or certificate of Grand Delegate for Italy.

May 16th V\I\Bro\John Yarker Grand Hierophant ratifies all the powers of V\Ill\Bro\Eduardo Frosini 96th, and appoints him official correspondent of the orthodox Rites of the World federation.

1909     - March 10th as delegate General for Italy of the National Spanish Rite he founds, with the assistance of other brethren who elect him R\W\M\ the Lodge Ausonia.

1910    – December, Bro\Frosini forms in Florence a Supreme Council for Italy of a new Italian Philosophic Rite, associated with the A. A. Scotish, the Mizraim and Memphis Rites.

1913 – March 20th Death of John Yarker Bro\Frosini assumes the title of Grand Hierophant.

The National Spanish Rite and its Sovereign Grand Council which under Grand Master Villarino del Villar had succeeded the S\S\of Memphis becomes dormant.

1914 – The Philosophic Rite becomes dormant.

1921 – To prevent a spurious revival of the Memphis Rite with political aims in Sicily, which would have compromised the regular Obedience the Memphis Rite at Palermo, is revived with Bro\ Reginald Gambier Mc Bean, M.V.O. of His Britannic Majesty’s Consul Service Late Council at Palermo 96th Grand Master.

1925 – The Memphis Rite at Palermo in deference to the political situation in Italy again ceases its activities; but in order to keep alive the spiritual traditions of the Order, issues to certain Brethren  abroad a Charter dated august 22nd authorizing them to constitute a S\S\at time and place convenient. 

1929 - 29th of March, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis is re-established in Chile, by the constitution of Chapter Lodge Pythagoras.     

1935 – 25th December, Constant Chevillon, pertaining to the Sovereign Sanctuary of France emits the Patent for the Creation of the Sovereign Sanctuary of Chile and Latin America.           


Carta Patente de Francia a Leon Tournier


The Sovereign Grand Conservator General in Chile becomes Il\Bro\Leon Tournier Perron.

1958 – October, Il\Brother Neftali Molina Riquelme succeeded and is confirmed Grand Conservator General of the Rite of Memphis for Chile and Latin America.

1993 - 8th of December, after the passing to the Eternal Or\of Il\Bro\Neftali Molina Riquelme, Il\Bro\Harrison B. Lopez Grossling succeeds as Sovereign Grand Conservator General of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis for Chile and Latin America.

1997 - 20th of May, Il\Bro\Rui Alexandre Gabirro, Duke of Cabinda, is elevated as Grand Conservator General of the 95th and Last Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis.

1998 – May, Il\Bro\Rui Alexandre Gabirro, succeeds Bro\ Harrison B. Lopez Grossling and is proclaimed Sovereign Grand Conservator General of the Sovereign Sanctuary (4th to 95th Degree) for Chile and Latin America. Bro\Rui Alexandre Gabirro, in order to preserve and maintain the Masonic Regularity of the Rite of Memphis declares:

"The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis has always acknowledged the Supremacy of the State or National Grand Lodges over the symbolic first three degrees of a Blue Lodge, and engrafted the same into its constitution.

The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis, does not countenance, confer degrees upon, or retain within its bosom any person not in good standing in a Blue or Symbolic Lodge of F\and A\M\.

The Sovereign Sanctuary recognizes all regular Masonic Rites such as the York Rite, the French Rite, the Emulation Rite, the Misraim Rite, the Scottish Rectified Rite, the Scottish Rite and so on.  

The Sovereign Sanctuary does not initiate in the Craft Degrees of Masonry.

The Sovereign Sanctuary respects all Grand Lodges of the Craft, and only works from the 4th Degree onwards to the 95th and last of the Masonic Scale of High Degree Masonry.


The difference between the Sovereign Sanctuary and other groups is that our Order is the perpetual connection to the original bodies of which regular Masons were members. The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis is a Masonic body. Some groups, which claim to be "Masonic-like", seem unaware that you cannot confer or hold Masonic Degrees if you are not a Master Mason.


The Sovereign Sanctuary is the only regular Order in the world which Master Masons can belong to, which has the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis within its bosom. Other groups are non Masonic and unauthorized."



The Ancient and Primitive Rite

"Preserving the ancient mysteries of masonry"

For additional information on the Regular Masonic Body of the Rite:

E-mail: ssanctuary@gmail.com